Planting in Clear, plastic party cups

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Flyin'High', May 23, 2010.

  1. SO.. the only cup's I have are clear, a yellowish look too them:

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    Something like that, now my question is, can I grow in these? I heard it has to be black, so no light can get through, is this true?
  2. It is true. You should not plant in clear cups. It doesn't necessarily have to be black, but the darker the color the better.
  3. What if I was to wrap the cup in paper? tape it up, and make it dark. Would that work?
  4. I guess that would work. Just make sure no light can penetrate through to the roots. Maybe use a few thick paper towels or something, and a rubber band around the top to hold it there.

    Why not just buy dark colored cups? haha, I heard they are pretty cheap!
  5. I would say wrap them in both white and black if you can. White to reflect light and black to absorb what light makes it through the white.
  6. duct tape/aluminum tape would work. make sure u cut drain holes in the bottom. also the plants will outgrow(root bound) these cups quickly.
  7. Disregard this issue now, I just said fuck it and went out and bought a few plant pots.

    Now I just gotta' wait till tuesday to recive my seeds.... >_>
  8. Haha good idea man. As it was said earlier, your roots will outgrow your cups pretty quick anyway. Might as well just start it off in a nice pot.

    Good luck!

  9. lol I love an eager beaver. lol good job on getting the right tool for the job. If you stick to that, You will grow some fine bud my friend.
  10. DOES NOT matter at all. I have grown a small indica in a 3-ltr plastic box (transparent), the roots became all visible, and the growth was healthy.

    but poke some holes through the bottom for drainage.

    I have seen a photo from Mexican grow-op they use 100 or so white plastic cups to start up seedlings.

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