Planting around pine trees?

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  1. I was just wondering if planting around pine trees would be a good spot to plant? I had heard somthin about the acidity in pine trees thats not good for marijuana? They will be about 3 to 4 feet away so any info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I heard u cant't plant around redwoods, so I guess u can't for pine, too. Heard to stay away from Tomatoes, too.

    Sux, though, cuz I already dug a big ass hole behind a redwood.
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    I have several about three foot from cedar trees. We put lime in our holes back in the fall. They are doing great. They are about four foot, been in the ground 8 weeks.
  4. I would check the soil ph, if it's fine then go ahead. If it really acidic ether find a different spot or bring it down! Good luck!! :)
  5. idk about how pines effect the soil, but i've heard that planting arround pines is good camo becase theyll stay green in the fall and keep your pants hidden when everything is turing brown
  6. ALOT of Herb being grown "Out in the Pines" here in Norcal:smoking:
  7. yep. im not out in cali but im sure as hell planted up in a patch of young pines about 5-7 feet tall. grat ever find out any info about if pines effect the PH?
  8. Very acidic and in many mountainous areas with heavy spring runoff often prone to serious clay 6" - 1' below the topsoil. That's why farmers settled valleys, where runoff deposited the topsoil.
  9. grows like shit unless you really try hard to prep the soil
  10. BIG holes filled with a balanced growing media is the only viable solution.
  11. alright guys so now im wondering for my grow too...i dug out about a 3x3 hole for each plant and mixed in soil i bought a Lowes. Is this considered "really trying hard to prep the soil" or "BIG holes filled with balanced growing media"??
  12. 3'x3'x3' is big enough, but you need to be concerned about air for the roots (perlite or such), some moisture retention and fertilizer as during summer months unscreened and unamended native soils often develop a brick hard consistency. Compost in bulk is available most places for ~$45 a cubic yard while decomposed cow manure here is $15 a p/u load. I went to Smart Pots this year, but my in-ground grow media of 25% perlite, 25% screened native soil, 25% compost and 25% decomposed cow manure always worked well for me. I used water only during veg and added 1tbsp of unsulphured black strap molasses to each gallon of water every third or so watering during flowering.
  13. My buddy informed me smaller pine trees are good cameo, but taller, older ones make the soil really acidic which you don't want. I tried to plant in a forest of just pine trees that were huge. Theyre everywhere down here in SC. I had two healthy looking, tiger stripped seeds. One passion fruit and the other skunk #1. Neither ever sprouted. :cry:
  14. I planted one near a pine tree last year and it was my most potent and biggest yeilder out of the 4. Just check the ph like others have said.
  15. Thanx for all the good info fellas i really appreciate it and will take all this into consideration. i think ima go invest in a soil ph tester and see what the ph is and maybe throw some lime in there. Anybody know what soil ph should be?
  16. 6.2 - 6.8. Get a decent pH tester and calibrate it before use. Take a quart jar, fill it a third full of the soil mix you're going to use, fill the rest with the water you're going to use, shake well, let it sit for 30-minutes for the soil to settle to the bottom and test the liquid.

  17. From what Ive read on here and from what a few knowledgeable people have told me on here a pH of 5.8 is good, Since 7 is neutral and pot likes a slightly acidic environment and with a pine tree you get that and great cover. good luck.
  18. 5.8 sounds more like an indoor hydro or soil grow pH. The ideal pH for outdoor marijuana is a well-drained 6.5.

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