planted bout 5 days ago.

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  1. i planted these seeds about 5 days ago, already germinated, and im noticing some odd growth patterns in two of the three sprouts.

    on two of the sprout's round leaves one is elongated dramatically, the ones that are like this have curled sideways pointed leaves.

    heres two of the plants.


    this one is going good, second one to sprout


    this one was going good, then it got too tall for how skinny the stem was, and tipped over. i put that one in a better spot, and its being held up in hope it will grow stronger. firtst to sprout, and most symetrical

    any help, comments, or suggestions?
  2. Lower the lights, post all ur info soil, lights, grow loc so the pros can help u,im just a newb but i know u need to lower those lights

    EDIT ; i just noticed this was in outdoor grow if thats true then forget what i said
  3. im not using any lights... they are sitting on my window sill... do they need to be in a shadier place? i was going to transplant into an outside spot, what kind of conditions do you think would be good, judging by how its growing.

    as for soil, i have absolutely no idea, i just grabbed a couple cups from my work, they just planted some flowers.

    do you know when i should transplant... i have been told a few days after the third node starts.
  4. your plants are fine give them more time you will notice they should get normal

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