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  1. Here it is as of about 10 days, took around 7 to show up out of pot. It has been taking off ever since it broke the surface, I thought it was dead so I checked on it every once and a while. it had 6 leaves to start with and they've only gotten bigger.

    Does it look healthy?

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  2. that is the strangest plant i have seen.. I have read alot of post, looked at alot of photos. I have never seen a marijuana plant or any plant for that matter, with 3 cotyledons. I have never seen a marijuana plant start off with 3 leaves for it's first set either. What strain are you growing?
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    Idk, i bought like 40 from a friend for 10$. He said he doesn't know the strain, when will it get more leaves?

    My friend said it is a triploid
  4. Dude, I would strongly recommend that you breed that and make more seeds, you have a VERY important starin that i have only heard about...
  5. would you be talking about the strain ruderalis
  6. looks unfamiliar to me but the second set of true leaves tend to take a while to show but after that the plant will develope a sort of rythm but pm me if you dont have new leaves in a week or two
  7. Sounds good, it gets taller everyday and 2nd set of leaves are starting to oversize the first
  8. And seeing this as my first grow lol, who knows if this plant will make it ;)

  9. Cannabis (Cán-na-bis): A genus of flowering plants that includes three putative species, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis.

    Ruderalis is not a marijuana strain, it is a species like Sativa or Indica.
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    Plant is looking better, a new set of 3 is emerging, I gave it its first nutes, since last check up leaves have gotten alot bigger, and overall it's gotten an inch taller.

    Why might the height be moving so slow? And new pics will be posted soon
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    Lol it looks like helicopter blades, the stem has straightened out for me very nicely, gotten stronger and the blades have finally extruded themselves further than the cotyledons, i've been feeding it some calcium/sulfur type deal, looks to have enough nutrients in the ground soil. And it has some plant food inside the soil and on the top for when I water

    What do you guys think?
  12. Having a Triploid is good because they have more bud sites than regular plants.

    I think it's a little early yet for nutes though. Wait until for a couple more nodes to come in. Seedlings are very easy to nute burn.

  13. It's not real bad, and it hasn't shown any burn signs at all, is the shade of green look pretty nice? and as of bugs and stuff, I haven't really seen any, just a few ants here and there, it's near a tree so... any references on some basic fertilizers I could buy? I don't live near a big city so places like osh and walmart are no option hah.

    I wanted to start a few more plants seeing as I have like 20 seeds left but the soil I found in shed is crappy and doesn't retain water wortha crap. I need to scout some new spots on my place, this one is just lucky enough to get the right spot of sun for a good hour.

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