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  1. Well ive read up and it can be a couple of things, but i dont think its overwatering i give my plant about 1/4 of a cup a water a day in the mornings since the pot is so small, but i plan on changing that today, imma upgrade to about a 2 gallon pot i beleive, and i need suggestions on a few things,

    WHAT SOIL to use? also anything in particular i should get, i have this fertilizer dynamite, it provides quite a bit of nitrogen, wondering if i should use it

    Also i just got a grow light which provides much more light than i had before, so its actually growing now, it was like a vegetable for 2 weeks and didnt grow a centimeter that might attribute to the yellowing

    This is what it looked like for about two weeks before i got the grow light


    heres what it looks like now
  2. Pic 1 doesn't look like it was rooted yet. Pic 2, she seems to be coming around. What are you using as the medium?
  3. Im unsure, i bought the clone with pot medium and all
  4. It is common for a clone to have some yellowing until it gets rooted and established. It definately needs a bigger pot, and any commercial potting mix will work. Avoid those that contain time released fertilizer (the bag will say "feeds for two months" or something similar). Once it is transplanted, add a little Vitamin B1 to your water for the next couple of watering, it will help with transplant shock. Get a balanced fertilizer and start out adding 1/3 the suggested strength for the first few feedings.
  5. I see you cut the leaves like I suggested... Watch the watering...every day may be a bit much... The new light will help a lot. It'll make patient.
  6. well i bought miracle grow organic potting soil
    (feeds for 2 months) should i still use it?
    i also have some perlite and some of that dynamite fertilizer, should i just add perlite to the potting soil and go with that or ?
  7. Perlite and some lime... Don't over water.
  8. hmm okay will get some

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