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    These plants were transplanted almost 3 weeks ago and it's the same size when transplanted it's not growing much unlike the other ones and I don't know why they look very healthy. The second pic shows a little of the other plant behind it and the one behind it grew way more. They're in 3x3x1 planter box filled with kellogg patio plus and added more perlite,peat moss, worm casting and some other soil. Feeding them flora nova,grow more 30-10-10,root excelutor,kelp and alaska fish.


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  2. what strain is that
  3. if it tried to slip into flower from the light cycle change it might not grow for a couple weeks till it gets used to the outdoor light cycle.. try to match the outdoor light cycle before you plant..
  4. They're great white shark but the other great white shark is bigger.  Mike it never slip into flower stage it gets about 15 to 16 hrs of daylight and they were transplanted at the same time different strains.
  5. are the pistols swolen?
  6. Not sure. Why?
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    its the hair at the crotch u might not see pre flower but if its swolen its tempted to preflower.. that stops growth.. might last a couple weeks..
  8. There's no pre flower signs.If it was to be nute lock wouldn't the nutes would burn the leaves first? The soil PH is about 7 and I add some dolomite lime.

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