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  1. I am using an aeroponics system with foxfarm nutes and a 400 Watt HPS my plant has been in flowerig stage for around 2 weeks. I have just come across a major problem. Everything seemed to have been doing fine then all of a sudden the plant began to severely wilt. But when i turned the light off in about 3-4 hours it got better. for some reason the HPS light is causing my female to wilt can anyone give me any info as to why and what can I do?
  2. How is the watering cycle goin? Wilting in this manner can be caused by plugged sprayers or other issues with water being delivered to the root zone.

    If your temps are inline then there's no other reason the light would cause your lady to wilt....except she's not getting enough water for transpiration.
  3. water is being delivered 24/7 none of the sprayers are clogged water is room temp
  4. water/rez temps. need to be below 70.
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    the water temp is around 67 degrees F

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