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  1. Hey guys I'm in the veg stage of my plants and I was just curious how people felt about training, obviously it is going to promote better growth, but this is where I get confused, is the growth better? Will I yield a bigger harvest? And is it worth stressing my plants ( if it stresses them) and do I really want big bushy plants?

    Is anyone could shed some light that would be awesome. Ps. I'm not sure about strains and what not, I wish I knew how to tell but I can't.... Cheers guys!!

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  2. I would look into LST Guides and follow them. They greatly increase yields along with Scrogs.

    What LST does is confuses your plant, the highest point is the warmest and closest to your light, thats where auxin hormones are sent to promote new growth. When you pin the highest point down near the dirt, it sends available auxins/sugars down towards the new growth until it is back to getting sufficient chlorophyll & photosynthesis off the highest parts of growth.

    Think of your main stem like a hose for nutrients, sugars & hormones for your plant. It uses energy made from light/water to push the nutrients and whatnot up the stem. If you pin it down, its uses much less energy transporting nutrients.

    Therefore, it can devote more energy towards the conversion of light/water into more energy, sugar and hormones for your plant. Increasing growth. If you fimmed/topped your 3rd 4th or 5th node, and you have multiple cola location you can then use something to hold the colas up to get longer life and more growth/yield! Do some strain research and check my grow out in the link in my signature. I will be doing an LST/Scrog with my new saplings.

    Just read up on LST/ScroGs and let me know what you come up with.

    Hope I Helped.
  3. I would recommend training your plants to produce several tops and a nice even canopy.
    LST (Low stress training) is my preferred method but I also utilize super cropping when necessary.
    Bigger bush = higher yield, especially when you've trained branches around to receive a relatively equal amount of light.

    There's a whole scientific process associated with creating a, "canopy".
    In a nut shell, your plants produce a hormone that directs energy towards the places that receive the most light. If you have a trained plant with budsites evenly spread across the canopy, you've effectively tricked your plant into believing it has multiple tops, and as such it will produce multiple colas that are relatively equal in size.
    Training your plants is an attempt to optimize light distribution, and the better at it you become, the more your plants will love you for it! :D
  4. Yay. Thanks guys that's awesome. I have been growing outdoor for 3 seasons and started training last season, it was a lot of fun, but I had no clue to what I was doing. I always have "tipped" my plants, but this time I have held off my plant is about 1.4 ft I'm not sure why I have left it so long I guess it's all about playing with your plant and trial and error yeah? Btw, this is my first indoor grow and I started the plants outside, they have only just gone inside in the last couple of days, and they are still in the soil, I'm not sure but I hope this will be ok? Sorry ranting a bit, just need so many answers and been trawling these websites for a couple of years and I keep getting dead ends.

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    I dont mean to bomb your thread with pix, but this was a 6 cola LST I did a while back under 400w HPS.

    It then flowered and looked like this

    Hope these pix help This was a sativa, White Widow to be exact. They are lanky like that.
  6. That's awesome dude. My plants are a little bit bigger about 1.4ft I reckon. I wish I could take pics but the lights mess with my phone, ill defiantly get some on soon though : ).

    Will the size of my plant affect tipping and training?

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  7. No it shouldnt, it just means it will be able to handle it better cause its more mature/stabilized. I would tip it down til it tropes up towards the light, then as it grows up 4-8 inches, Id pin the new growth down in a circle until it fills your grow pot kinda like mine. then flower it and watch it all rise up.

    Edit: What strain are you growin?
  8. To be 100% I have no idea I have two plants indoors at the moment. I think one is indica because it is small with fat leaves, but the plant in question is defiantly sativa without a doubt, as for anymore info I have no idea, I pretty much germinate the seeds that I have gotten with my pot haha,

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  9. check out a few of my treads... i've done some lst and scrogs on smaller plants with limited light heights.

    hmmm... i've never posted a link to one of my other posts... here goes.

    that one will show you the final results of my scrog cubes

    this one will show you a better day by day of the same setup but early on
  10. Thanks heaps man that really really sheds some light on the situation, I noticed that you are growing in soil? How are you watering? And how often.

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  11. [quote name='"aj69420g"']I dont mean to bomb your thread with pix, but this was a 6 cola LST I did a while back under 400w HPS.

    It then flowered and looked like this

    Hope these pix help This was a sativa, White Widow to be exact. They are lanky like that.[/quote]

    This guy knows wtf is up!
    +rep for being awesome at LST!

    Not to derail, but...
    Do you employ the N, S, E, and W method?
    Or do you more or less train to fill the gaps?
    Dabbled with any SCROG grows?

    To OP: A healthy plant that large should easily be able to withstand some tender loving LST. In fact it's probably going to be tough to train at that point, they're much more flexible when they're young...giggity!

    Depending on your grow space, you might want to think about giving her a haircut, a day or two to recoup, and flipping to 12/12, especially without much info on your strains. Just prepare for the stretch because if you Veg for too long you'll end up with outdoor monsters inside. :)
    I had some Hawaii'n Snow in DWC a few grows back that almost outgrew my space and I was barely able to keep up the last half of flower lol

  12. soil should be airy, and you should water with at least 2/3's of what the pot can hold and only do so every 2-3 days based on moisture test. if you stick your finger in the dirt about 2-3 inches. and its somewhat moist keep waiting, if it seems dry and no wet dirt stuck to your finger then water.
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    Hahaha thanks! I am not familiar with North, South, East & West method. I simply fimmed my 4th node I believe and trained to fill the space. Once it reached the edges, I let them go up. Once my colas are big and start falling I usually implement a Screen to help them. so i do both LST & Scrog.

    Yes I agree they are more flexible and easier to bend over when young (Giggity Goo!)
    Doesn't mean you cant teach an old dog new tricks. (That means 2 things).

    Shamallama is right on with everything he wrote, except sometimes outdoor monsters inside can be fun! :)

    Thanks for the rep! Ima read through some of your stuffages!:smoking:
  14. Alright so, yep I'm using the nsew method, I didn't actually realise that this was even a thing but that's what I'm doing.

    So this is the plant in question. She is still young. How is it looking?

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  15. wow thats a beast! looks healthy but I think it might be too late to train. never trained one that big before. very healthy, very awesome plant!
  16. Ps thanks for the watering info as my plants are in soil, and nah I haven't ever dabbled in sprig grows not yet, fuck my light just went out its making noise and I can see electricity running through the bulb but it's not starting up. !!!! Great drama after drama.

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  17. With NSEW you just bend in cardinal directions and it helps train your plant into a well proportioned bush lol. I usually grow multiple plants under the same screen so I tend to just bend to fill space as needed as well. I just asked because the overhead shot looked similar to some NSEW trained plants I've seen.

    I try to give credit where it's due! :cool:
    I'm actually an edibles guy, really into culinary cannabis...but I've been growing for while and I'm always looking to make it better :yummy:

    OP your plant looks good, but you might want to actually tie UP those lower branches to try to get them closer to the height that your skyscraper of a cola on your main stem is going to produce.

    If I were you, I'd tie them up to encourage upward growth of the lower branches, and snip the tip on your main stem. If you're feeling adventurous, you could attempt to FIM (Fuck I missed...) the top as this can sometimes produce 4 or more tops to form. Give it another week or two to recover from the haircut and during this time keep training the lower branches up towards the light while bending anything throughout the middle outwards.

    I 'm lazy, and soil is win. :metal:
  18. Ok so the lower branches I will tie up in the morning, and bring those middle branches down, ill clip the top ASAP. Like I said I wasn't sure why I was waiting I guess just playing around, I will be getting myself a proper tent tomorrow too!

    I want to grow a monster so I was going to let it veg a couple more months, the plan with the stems was to try and train it's branches to creep around the tend hopefully forming "beer bottle" crowns along them.

    What do you think about this option? Sorry dude, you seem to know your shit so mass rep to you for being so patient.

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  19. masturbation is overrated. Get a fleshlight!!!!
  20. Ok so I meant "branches" not "stems" and "tent" not "tend".

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