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  1. Si i have 4 plants going. My tallest is about 2' everything is smaller.ive topped all of them but the main 2' isnt growing back n top. Did i fuck up? What can i donto get a top cola seems like one wint grow in this plant this season
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    There arent many, but there are some strains that wont top. I mean if you top them, they dont branch out and are just that tall now. Flo's main pheno is like that, so is Sensi's early girl. Ive heard of a few others.

    Read this description for Chronic from Serious Seeds

    Serious Seeds Chronic Improved in 2000. This is one of the larger yielding varieties, this medium height, not too dense plant is the perfect combination of good yield and excellent quality. Smokers that know and grow choose this plant for its combination of appearance and sweet smell. Chronic grows a single huge central bud with few side branches. This strain does not respond well to topping. It's cannabis seeds produce a mild, sweet smell that develops while flowering. Take care to dry thoroughly after harvest to maintain this subtle fragrance. Indoor flowering takes between 56-63 days.

    - High Times Cannabis Cup, category: Hydro Cup, 3rd place
    - La Bella Flor Cup (Spain), category: Indoor, 1st place, entered by Ezequiel
    - HighLife Cup Barcelona, category: Hydro, 1st place, entered by Mundo Ganja
    - HighLife Cup Barcelona, category: Hydro, 2nd place, entered by Tjamba/Perenne
    - El Punto Cup Malaga, category: Outdoor, 2nd place
  3. grab some pics
  4. I got 4 plants same strain others topped fine but not this one
  5. IMO LST is way better than topping. Stress without shock, hmmmm...


  6. yes lst seems much more productive in my yard as well, but I did find a strain that blew up when topped, so you gotta try to learn your strains, see what works best..
  7. this just made me afraid to top my plant... think Imma do LST from the start next time...
  8. Some plants grow out well when topped and some dont. I usualy try to check the breeders info before topping a plant.
  9. it takes a while to recover from a topping and start new growth ..and if ur plant has started to flower or if it is even really close to flowering then ur not going to get to much from the topping,and basicly it was a waste and yea u might have fucked up and cut ur cola off but only time will tell time top atleast a month prior to flowering, good luck
  10. Damn this sucks shes my only female
  11. The above post is correct. Never top in flowering or close to it. When you do top its better to do it in veg when your plant will have plenty of time to recover. It will slow your plant down for a couple of weeks.
  12. Howdy! This year I topped and lst'd 3 out of 5 girls, they have responded very well. They are fem Bubblicious I got from Buy Dutch Seeds. I brought them inside to do the initial lst, and played some old reggae music hoping that would make them happy! This is my first real attempt to bring up some truly nice buds, in the past I just used generic seeds and got generic results. It's so cool seeing the results of lst. It will be even cooler in a couple of months :), I hope! Good luck with yours!
  13. Damn fella's. topping, lst for outdoor grows? You must live in one hell of a dry climate because i have a hard and fast rule that says more branches, closer buds means less air circulation and more mold. I grow christmas tree shaped plants so that their lots of space between buds and so that mould doesnt grow.

    I might top tall thin strains once, but dang. Not saying there's anything wrong with it if your relative humidity is 10, but mine runs 60% and 90 at night. Close, tight heavy buds means im not gonna get to smoke the weed when i go to pick it mid oct.

    I wish i lived in your climate.
  14. I guess I will find out eventually! At least I get great breezes and wind so maybe the mold won't be such a problem. Humidity is typical American summer humidity. I can't grow Xmas trees due to security. I top and lst to keep them lower. They're spread out pretty well now (the branches) but I guess when they fill in with buddies, it's a different story. I didn't know lst was only for indoors plants. Oh well, hopefully the universe will cut me some slack & I'll get away with it this time!

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