plant suffocation?

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  1. hey guys and gals, quick question!
    I have some young clones, and my room is being inspected tomorrow.
    i must carefully put these guys inside trash bags so the smell wont
    be so apparent, or kill them.

    Would the plants survive being suffocated inside the trashbags
    for 2 days? or should i pitch them? it's a shame, got some
    nice genes to work with!
  2. First question, are you growing inside? If not, you must live in a warm, warm climate because growing outside now would be a waste of time.

    It is not a good idea to grow at parents house, especially without their knowledge.

    Your first option would be to let your friend hang on to them, or 2, put them outside.
  3. thanks, but i dont live with my parents :)

    any other answers for my question?
  4. yeah your doomed. I had mine in a bag for 8 hours a couple years ago and they died slowly the next week.
  5. they will survive,but you can't keep them like that for long,they will start to wilt in about 2-3 hrs and will stay like that for about 8 hrs,but u better get them some water shortly after the 8 hrs or you will lose them for sure.gluck!!
  6. uhh.. dubkilla.. this thread is months old. his plants are dead.

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