Plant Stopped Growing - Need Advice

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Msalah, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. This has happened before but now i have made absolutely sure that the problem is the nutrient. My plant was growing fine until i fed it a quarter strength dose of flora trio series in normal soil. This combined with the already composted soil must have stunted it. i have ruled all other reasons out. Since i fed it five days ago, it hasn't grown at all. This permanently stunted two other grows i had before this plant in just the same way and they never recovered. I flushed her twice and im now waiting to see if she recovers. Is this happening because im using hydro nutes in soil? or did i feed too early (16 days)? high ppm? Any advice on how to handle/avoid this?[​IMG]
  2. It's needs a a bigger pot
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  3. i doubt it, thats a 16oz cup. its bigger than it looks in the picture and the plant is very small.
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  4. How old is the plant?
  5. Now its 20 days old, stopped growing at 16
  6. Nutrients won't cause a plant to stop growing. You could burn it or lock it until, but the stoppage of growth is usually from a rootbound plant. A 16 oz cup is narrow roots will grow downward very quickly.
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  7. I agree with Allofthemtaken that it needs a bigger pot. Even if you're right and it doesn't - what's the harm. This is the root system of a 14 day old plant in a container twice the size as yours.
    Transplant 2 wks.JPG
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  8. but that plant so much it could be root bound this early on? That never occurred to me at all. Should i wait a bit before i transplant it or just go for it now?
  9. I see no reason to wait - I assure you that the bottom of that cup is filled with roots. Even if it's not - no harm done. Can you see roots in the drain holes?
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  10. ok. i'll try it and get back to you. Thanks for the help.
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  11. No. No roots through the drainage holes.
  12. Well if it's not rootbound the only thing I can think of would be over watering, how often are you watering?

    If you overfed you would see signs of burn, if it was the PH you'd also have someburn spots or something on the leaves.

    I'd still suggest a transplant into new soil, back to the compost mix. Wait 30 days before giving any nutrients and start at a 1/4 strength.

    Anytime I'm at a loss a transplant into fresh soil usually fixes my problems.

    I'm sure someone else might be able to provide a little more input.
  13. I transplanted, there were roots coiled at the bottom but not too much. The container is a bit too big but it was the only one i had, it will probably last for more than a week without needing to be watered. Now i wait, how long before it starts to show signs of recovery do you think?
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  14. Go for new soil, you got nothing to lose.

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