plant stinking my house out

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wittedbroom, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. i have 2 white widows 4 weeks veg and they are stinking. ive only ever noticed a smell before once they start to flower. is it anything to worry about?
  2. plants stink in veg, just not nearly as bad as tey do when they are flowering.

    theres nothign to worry about if the odor is not a problem.
  3. use the search bar and try to find the D.I.Y Ona bucket thread. those work wonders.

  4. you can be talkign about 2 scenarios...

    1. your asking if you should be worried that you plants already smell, even though thy havent started flowering?

    2. your asking if you should be worried about containing / ridding your odors.

    --- My Answers

    1. its perfectly naturally for cannabis to stink like the high heavens. my last grow, I was growing a skunk strain, and 3 weeks into veg, I could smell fresh cannabis as soon as I opened the door to my house. It only gets worse. (i did not have any odor controls, the scent IS controllable)

    2. well it depends, thats really your opinion... if you need to have it not smell, look into carbon filters, they do some seriously amazing work.

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