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  1. Hi firstly I'm currently growing in basic multi-purpose compost and using the summer sunlight rotating windowsills when sun changes position and I just want to get a feel for troubleshooting and taking correct steps to ensure healthy plants in the future found out a lot of useful info on natural fertilizers, this is my plant currently week 3-5, I forgot when I started.

    Why the two first true leaves appear lighter in colour and a brown nick appearing on the middle of the leaf is something Id like to know how, plus 2 newest leafs in top centre came in yellowy green, how so? Is this a healthy plant and when should it beging vegging, also orange peels to keep green flies away.

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  2. Better one of brown leaf nick but not greatest quality

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  3. Your the second person i see with Orange peels in the soil. I'm i missing out on something?
  4. If it's sitting in the window it's like;y not getting enough light, the plant is pretty small for its age. It probably needs some nutrients its a light green due to lack of nitrogen and the brown spot could me a number of things but its hard to say as the pic is blurry.
  5. The citrus keeps aphids/green flies and other pests away from your plants bc they don't like citrus or something, I didn't see the need until I saw a greenfly land on the stem, growing at an open window in the summer definitely draws pests in haha.
  6. Ah, interesting. I don't really have a bug problem but it makes sense have to try it sometime.
  7. I have a feeling the brown spot is a tear on the leaf that may have happened when trying to reposition it's leaves with a stick.. could the browning due to that be possible? I've been using diluted urine 10:1 and fed it twice waited for adequate drying of the soil, should that not suffice for this stage? I agree the light isn't ideal but it's enough to survive, for how long though idk, I get up at 5am just before sunrise and sit it at one window from 6-10 give or take half an hour for the sun to hit the next window and again with the next for 10-3 then 3-6 then 6 to 8 then I take it away from window to prevent cold and put in lightproof cupboard, sometimes when it gets cold at night I sit the pot on a damp towel on a radiator, can having warm nights and days affect the plant? In other words does the plant need to have a colder dark period than its daytime temp? If so what can not having this do if you don't mind me asking you 21 questions
  9. Recent ones, I know what I did to it but can you narrow down what's possibly happened just by looking at it? Feel I could learn something here..Apologies for flooding pics of same plant in diff angles but my camera is shit
    IMG_20190515_025542.jpg IMG_20190515_025542.jpg slighty
    bettero brown nick and tip IMG_20190515_025412.jpg IMG_20190515_025345.jpg IMG_20190515_024826.jpg

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