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  1. I'm a new grower and I was wondering approximately how many plants, growing at an optimal rate, will fit in a 4.5 ft x 3 ft grow area, and also, what lighting, as far as wattage, would be suffice?
  2. That question isn't so cut and dry my friend.

    What grow technique?
    What strain(s)?
    How long will you be vegging?
    What type of lights?
    Are you on a budget?
    Hydro or soil?
    Oragnic or chemical?
    What are your environmental conditions?

    It would be best if you research all of these topics and find the answers before you begin this wonderful journey. Good luck! :hello:
  3. I'm planning to grow some Northern Lights in soil. I'll probably keep them vegging until they reach about 2-3 feet tall with an interchangeable metal halide/hps grow light indoors on a platform that covers approximately 4.5 by 3 feet. Would a 600 watt be suffice to grow 6-7 plants comfortably on this platform? And sorry for any vagueness :(
  4. I am nearing Harvest on my first grow, of 10 superskunk plants. I have them in ~20 sq ft of actual space, and it has gotten crowded. Next time, If I grew in this same setup I would grow 4-6 plants instead, but your 2 ft. sq. per plant is what I have pretty much, and I vegged my plants until they were 18"-25"....

    Your space will be sufficient, but your lower buds definitly wont get as much light (which is natural). I don't have an HPS, but a couple LEDs and a bunch of fluorescents, but they say you want a min 5,000 Lumen/sq. foot, so you would need an initial lumen output of about 65,000 min... So a ~95,000 lumen HID light should be plenty for your setup,

    Good Luck!
  5. Oh I mean the 600W HPS lights are typically about 95,000 lumens, as opposed to 55,000 of a 400W, so definitly get a 600W.
  6. 600w for 6 plants in a little over 13 sq feet will work fine.

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