plant size during 12/12

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  1. My plants are almost outgrowing the tent! I just started 12/12 and i need to kno appx how many more ft./inches of upward growth to expect. Thanx a lot.
  2. 2-3 times higher than they are right now....
  3. I'm considering building a house in mine.
  4. 2-3 times HOLY SHEEEIT! So much for "stealth growing!" Thanx bro.
  5. Consider rocking the MH for the first two weeks of 12/12....might help
  6. So reverting back to MH will not confuse them? HPS has been on em for a few 12 hour cycles already, and these things are growin crazy! I hate it and love it @ the same time. Im glad to experience slight obstacles as a beginner, so far ive kept everything alive. Ill post pics later when i open tent.
  7. yeah, don't do that... it was a suggestion if you had not switched the bulb yet
  8. I have a dimmable ballast, so how bout if i turn it down to 400? Im definitely going to invest in a much larger tent first chance i get.
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    You will decrease yield if you do that
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    I am in the end of 1st week of flowering (12/12) , and I am still running MH. Internodes are short, but plants are almost double in size after switching to 12/12. (Plants are under LST, but after switching I stop to do any height control, so they went from 6" to 12") So I am not 100% sure if MH makes much difference with in 1st couple of weeks of 12/12 but it does during veg period (plants are bushier and internodes are shorter) .
    P.S.If veging for a long time consider LST....
  11. NO...
    The MH bulb within the first couple weeks will make them stretch more, not less.. MH have less output then a HPS.. Plants stretch during dark and low light..

    If anything you want to ease into the 12hr dark to limit the stretching, but that extends the flowering period.. Most indoor strains do most of their stretching for the first 15-20 days.. So during this time if they are receiving less dark, they will not stretch as much..

    So if you want to limit stretching, go from 18/6, to maybe 16/8 for a week, then 14/10 following week, then 12/12.. The flowering trigger will happen slower, but you will some what limit the stretching...

    If you're growing in a low space, I would suggest you research SCROG before your next grow..

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