Plant Sick or Normal? *Pics*

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  1. okay so run-off PH was 5.4, and I am flushing it now to reach 6.8.

    Also a noob question, are the nutrients schedule by ml per litre of water used or per litre of soil?
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    I used about 20 litres of 7.0 PH neutral water for a 3 litre soil pot and still the PH of the run-off water at the end was 6.0. I have no water left cause I have to let it stand again, I am not sure what to do.

    Is 6 for run-off bad? Can I flush it again tomorrow or will I overwater it like that? My tap water is about 7.3 PH, should I just continue flushing with tap water instead?

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
  3. that totally blows my mind. I can walk 100 yards and buy as many gallons as i want for a dollar a gallon. You could still get a distiller or RO filter and make as your own.

    its all about the nutes mixed with WATER. If it says one teaspoon per liter, that means 1 teaspoon in every liter of water. It has nothing to do with growing medium.

    damn, that sucks. It takes a ton of water to flush the soil to the correct PH.

    6.0 is still pretty low for soil. you want to get that up to around 6.5. Flushing 2 days in a row is not reccomended. watering too often is what causes over watering.

    You can use higher ph water to try and bring the soil numbers up. just be careful or you will go from low PH to high PH.

    i would suggest getting some lime to add, but it would take 2 weeks to take effect.

    My suggestion to you is hurry up and wait. you raised your PH a good bit. soil problems dont get better over night. by the time you need to water again you should start to see some of the defs lightening.

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