Plant Sick or Normal? *Pics*

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  1. So I've got this lowryder #2 on a 20/4 light basis in a PC grow box and its now about 3 weeks old. 2 days ago I moved it to my shed and everything was good for the first day but today it had a few marks on the leaves.

    In the shed the temperature is quite lower during the light time its around 20 Degrees Celcius and during night its around 12 Degrees. Before moving the box in the shed it was 28C during light and 17 during night. Humidity is quite higher in the shed, staying around 40% during light and around 55% during night.

    I use soil and I still havent introduced any nutrients because the brand of the soil says that it has nutes for it for about 4 weeks.

    Maybe these where cause due to the change of enviroment? Or maybe its time to start introducing some nutrients? What do you think?

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  2. How is your pH?
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    Been watering with tap water that i ve left for 24hrs and then drop the PH of it to 6 because my tap water is around 8 PH. The PH of soil should be around there as well but I am.not sure how to test it accuretly
  4. Here's an update guys, its getting worse, sort of spreading a lil bit. Seems like something infected the leaves? Is it nutrient difficiency? Or PH problems? Any ideas would be really appreciated.:confused::confused:

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  5. bump, anyone? :confused::confused:
  6. your ph is too low. ph of soil should be optimally between 6.5 to 6.8.
  7. Got flys in your house?
  8. looks like nute burn, you using miracle grow? try watering with RO water for a while, maybe your tap water is bad.
  9. im gonna say PH problems. Leaves are twisting, defs creeping in due to lockout, and your watering PH is at least 0.5 too low.
  10. Ok since you don't seem to know exactly what your problem is you should do some treatment for most things.

    Firstly - use a pH tester to test the exact pH of the soil and make sure it's how it's 6.5.

    2nd - add nutrients - do a small research on how much you should add, but I'm pretty sure the plant isn't overdosed.

    3rd - to be safe, get a fungicide & insecticide spray (you can get 2in1) and spray the plant's foliage (upper and bottom sides of all leaves) - make sure you spray just enough, not too much.
  11. I guarantee it is not a fungus or pest.
  12. Ok then, I don't have a lot of knowledge when it comes to nutrient deficiency or sickly plants, so I'll assume you're right.
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    did everybody just read over the part in red? im a noob but i from what ive read thats the problem, everybody on this site says stay away from soil with time released nutes. the soil is your problem IMO. the twisting looks like heat issues/underwatering my plant started to do it when i wasnt watering enuff
  14. time release soil feeds for 3-6 months, not weeks. his deficiencies are being caused from PH lockout.
  15. i thought it was bad to use soil with nutes in it in general, rather it was weeks or months

    do you have a fan on them?
  16. All soil has nutrients to some level. If you want a medium without nutes you need to go soiless via coco or peat.
  17. i know all soil have nutes to some extent but everything i read here says you arent supposed to use the stuff with nutes added. i was under the impression that the soils with nutes for this amount of time or time release were bad.
  18. This is simply not true. I use MG organic and MG perlite, both have plenty of nutes in them already. I dont need to feed until a few weeks into flower.

    Time release nutes are bad, but not all nutes are time release.
  19. i know nutes arent bad and the time release ones are what you dont want to use. i thought he wad using the time release ones
  20. Thank you for all the answers guys, really appreciated.

    Okay so everybody is leaning towards the PH lockout, thing is I only have a digital PH meter cause my soil meter sucks (analog one, starts from 7 PH and goes up BUT I doubt its accurate).
    So my question is, how can I test the PH of soil when I have a digital meter? Test the run-off water? But in order to have run-off water I will need to water it alot and that will overwater it, am I wrong?

    There might be some around the house, but I guarantee there are none inside the PC box and they cant go easily inside unless they are tiny, because I use dust nets in exhaust and intake holes.

    Nute burn would be a lil bit diffucult as I havent even introduced any nutes yet. I am not using miracle grow as I dont know what it is. I am using normal soil compost with nutes in it for 4 week and added John Innes.

    My tap water might be bad actually... thats what I was thinking. What is RO what? Where can I get it? I am thinking of just using rain water, would it be bad?

    So my water should be around 6.5-7 PH?

    I will add nutes as a last resort I guess if nothing else works out. Again I doubt that there are any insects around because I checked with my microscope.

    I am not using time released nute soil. The twisting might be cause of underwatering actually... because I have only watered it 4-5 times for her whole life (24days old now) and it wasnt much each time, never had run-off water, is that bad?

    I am using a small 80mm computer fan on the plant itself. Would that be a problem? because I thought it was good.

    So my main problem is how do I accurately test the PH of my soil without overwatering the plant using a digital PH tester?

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