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  1. I have 3 clones, 1 of which has started flowering, while the other ones are showing no signs of sex.

    i did notice small nodes that could be balls, but then again they could be the beginings of more leaves. So does it mean anything that one plant is flowering without the others?

    thanks for the help:metal:
  2. im on my first outdoor grow and my plants didnt start showing signs of sex all at the same time. Five females showed signs before my first male that i cut down the other day. Two are yet to be known. Lets hope for more girls!
  3. Same deal with me, i have 2 unkown and its killing me lol. good luck with ur plants man!
  4. I thought the whole point of getting clones is knowing their female. Where did you get the clones from? I picked up 4 clones on july 22nd and they all started to bud, clinic I got them from must of had them on 24/0 light schedule. All the clones I've got from private growers over the years have been female, guess I've been lucky though.

  5. haha dude me too i'm out there every morning checking for signs
  6. If they're clones then they have the same genetics of the plant it came from...if moma was a full female than are the kids...same with hermis..they can change sex under stress but most likely if ones a female than so are the others :)
  7. nah the dude that hooked me up messed up and gave me 3 males:( oh well. 1 is better than none
  8. balls man....i found balls
  9. That sucks, hope you didn't pay for them
  10. I just had to yank one of my plants that was a clone given to me by an aquaintance who has been growing for years. How could someone accidently clone a male? Do I understand correctly that a female clone can change into a male? Really? Cuz it suddenly had all those itty bitty balls. Didnt know that you had to watch clones closely,think I got it plenty early. I learn something everyday. Freaked me out so bad didn't even take the time to take a picture!

  11. me too dude! haha i got one more left im pretty sure it's male already
  12. I got out with one female. idk if they ever change unless u take them from indoor to outdoor, in which case they might re-veg and turn into a hermaphridite, but if u got clones and they came up males, the dude who hooked u up messed up. but luckily i got mine FO FREE
  13. hey one is better than none right
  14. right on, and it's my biggest one too, like 3'4", which is nice considering how late i got them in the ground
  15. post some pics!

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