Plant seems to be dying.

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    p_00176.jpg I kinda stressed i alot early a few months ago and i used mg maybe too much but that was a month ago too.
    Truthfully i was kin experimenting on this 1 a lil but idk whats going on now.

    It's under a 120 cfl now, in differet area.
  2. Those pictures are terrible -- but are the leaves towards the bottom yellowing? is that the problem?

    How old is this plant?
    Is it in flower or veg?
    what type of soil?
    when was the last transplant?
    are you providing nuntes? if so, how much, what kind, and how often?
  3. Could it be either of these. I copy/pasted this information off of Marijuana Plant Abuse for your convenience.

    Phosphorus (The first picture)

    Phosphorus is a component of certain enzymes and proteins, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), ribonucleic acids (RNA), deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA) and phytin. ATP is involved in various energy transfer reactions, and RNA and DNA are components of genetic information.

    Phosphorus (P) deficiency

    Figure 11 is severe phosphorus (P) deficiency during flowering. Fan leaves are dark green or red/purple, and may turn yellow. Leaves may curl under, go brown and die. Small-formed buds are another main symptom.

    Phosphorus deficiencies exhibit slow growing, weak and stunted plants with dark green or purple pigmentation in older leaves and stems.

    Some deficiency during flowering is normal, but too much shouldn't be tolerated. Red petioles and stems are a normal, genetic characteristic for many varieties, plus it can also be a co-symptom of N, K, and Mg-deficiencies, so red stems are not a foolproof sign of P-deficiency. Too much P can lead to iron deficiency.

    Purpling: accumulation of anthocyanin pigments; causes an overall dark green color with a purple, red, or blue tint, and is the common sign of phosphate deficiency. Some plant species and varieties respond to phosphate deficiency by yellowing instead of purpling. Purpling is natural to some healthy ornamentals.


    Nitrogen (N) (The second picture)

    Nitrate - Ammonium is found in both inorganic and organic forms in the plant, and combines with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sometimes sulfur to form amino acids, amino enzymes, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, alkaloids, and purine bases. Nitrogen rates high as molecular weight proteins in plant tissue.

    Plants need lots of N during vegging, but it's easy to overdo it. Added too much? Flush the soil with plain water. Soluble nitrogen (especially nitrate) is the form that's the most quickly available to the roots, while insoluble N (like urea) first needs to be broken down by microbes in the soil before the roots can absorb it. Avoid excessive ammonium nitrogen, which can interfere with other nutrients.

    Too much N delays flowering. Plants should be allowed to become N-deficient late in flowering for best flavor.

    Nitrogen Deficiencies

    Plants will exhibit lack of vigor, slow growth and will be weak and stunted. Quality and yield will be significantly reduced. Older leaves become yellow (chlorotic) from lack of chlorophyll. Deficient plants will exhibit uniform light green to yellow on older leaves, these leaves may die and drop. Leaf margins will not curled up noticeably. Chlorosis will eventually spread throughout the plant. Stems, petioles and lower leaf surfaces may turn purple.

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  4. yes the botm leaves are dying but i see more dying everyday.
    well th plant is atleast 5 months, 2nd week flowering but had to flip flop the 12/12 from day to night. The soil is just sumthing i mixed up with perlite, vermiculite, peat-moss, and mg pottng soil. the last transplant was at about 1 1/2 mos. so id say 3 months ago maybe. Ever since the bottom leaves started to die i stopped and only water now.
  5. It kinda looks like the first picture butat the time it started i was feeding mg 24-8-16
  6. whats your soil PH? Nutrient lockouts can occur at ph above 7 and below 5.8 in soil.
  7. i dont have a meter yet its my firs grow, and im broke now. but i started using a brita purifier.

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