Plant seeds and let it grow naturally?

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  1. Can this be done? I have quite a bit of seeds that I would like to plant and maybe watch a Marijuana plant grow i've never seen one before so what do you guys think? I live in Central Florida, Could I just go toss a couple in the ground in the woods and come back every few days or so and check on them could they grow like that? I've also heard of people who used to have plantations around my area so I know im in a good climate area, Anyway, What do you guys think could this work? or would I have to care for them daily?​

  2. I live in Texas and I grew a few bagseed plants by planting them in the native soil and only watering.

    And I got some bud from it, granted it wasn't anywhere near the potency I like or the yield. But to answer your question, yes you can. Is it worth it? That'll be up for you to decide in the end.
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    I just want to watch the process of a Marijuana plant growing, I just think it would be amazing, It'd be like my pal haha, But i'm totally not experienced when it comes to growing so I'd like to learn about it. But is there somewhere I can go to fully learn how to grow naturally like germination, planting, care, watering, disease prevention and all that?
  4. Well you are in the perfect place to learn.

    Go read some journals, and read through some of the stickies on the top of the threads. Both of those are excellent ways to learn a bunch of new things.

    Just do research, people on here don't really like when others don't do their own research.
  5. Just went into the woods and found a good spot with alot of large plants and things around it and it's pretty hard and you have to be very agile to get the the location, sunlight peeks in through the trees and I was thinking about putting some seeds in a plant pot and leaving that there to germinate and grow into a small plant and then put it in the ground, I have heard of DEA helicopters that fly around my area because alot of Mariijuana is grown around here and you cant really see it especially if it's a small plant especially if it's in the middle of other plants and you cant really see it from above the trees, Looks perfect! But one problem is that it's on somebody elses property so idk if I should risk that or not, if they find it they wont be happy but it is on their summer home property and I very rarely see them there... What do you guys think?
  6. let is grow.... let it grow..... let it grow!!!!
  7. Let it grow
  8. Let it grow. Even if it becomes a huge tree, the dea most likely won't jump over a couple plants. If you have a few in a group they will.
  9. plant it in the ground, the pot will dry out to fast!

    as far as on somebody else property, id do it less chance of u getting caught with it.

    u need 6+hrs of light to hit them, so make sure u get that much.

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