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  1. For starters i have 3 plants growing under floros my problem is that 2 plants r kinda small just starting to grow thier 3rd node but the other one is much taller and is working on its 4th they were germinated at the same time and given the same water and lighting i dont know if the seedscame out of the same bag so it could be genetics i dont know this is also my first grow they 2 smaller plants r doing just fine except a little damage that has stopped and looks like its gonna heal but on the tall one there r spots of yellow on the 2nd node leefs i think its from over watering but im not sure so i figered id ask and post some pics of them to see if there is anything wrong w/ them, i also should say i have them on 12/12 so i can sex them befor i plant my babies i hope the tall one is female so i can plant it outside and i want the other ones to be one male and one female so i can grow a couple of mini plants w/ seeds to give to my freinds

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  2. have you given it any fert/nutes yet? It sort of looks like it's been burned by heat. If you recently fed it though, you likely nute burned it.
  3. no nutes i havent used anything but tap water and walmart potting soil, i dont think there were nutes in the potting soil
  4. Hey borderpatrol,
    First off, find out for us and yourself if this Wal-Mart potting soil has any added fertilizer in it. Most of their soil does contain ferts. Second, put the seedlings back to 18/6 or 24/7 lighting because they are way too young and immature to be sexed. Third off, consider transplanting into bigger pots such as 8 inchers because those cups are pretty small.
  5. Hey, I was wondering what your PH on the tap water was? Having to low or to high of a PH can cause lots of problems.
  6. how close are these compact fluros?
    call me crazy but it looks like its been slightly bleeched from the light being close, reason why the others have not been affected is because the otehrs are much lower from the bigger one

    not to mention if this was a ph issue here, there would be some kind of spotting like red spots dots or yellowish dots, ph do not make blotches that big......
    so theres another problem imo

    another thing to look at in the picture he has a hood over the light... or whatever you call those i forget lol

    that concentrates the light more in an area when you use those, i used to use those for some time,

    and yes CFL's can bleech plants easily

    what i would so is try this

    i would test the soil ph just to make sure but i know 90% sure thats not going to be it
    you should always have Ph test strips in the house for those needy moments

    also wal marts potting mixture is horrible in nutrients, its very week so you should start feeding in about 1/2 week to a week at most you need to pick out a fert

    depending on what you pick out be carefull not to burn them so dont listen to the directions on the back

    but another thing, get some stuff to prop up those smaller ones so its level with the bigger one and raise the light up a bit so they all have equal light

    most likley why the others are small is because the bigger one is gettin all thel ight the way to reflector is aimed you need it in the middle where all are getting light, i would also add another one when the other 2 get bigger

    and another notes i can grow a couple of mini plants w/ seeds to give to my freinds

    do your friends know now your growing? please tell me no......
  7. yea they kno they actually suggested that we start growing and im just the guy that usually grabs the seeds and stems whenever we buy cheep stuff and they just wanna try it from see for free and we have started to buy better weed so no seeds and were not goin back to that cheep shit

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