Plant problem help!! (Pics)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Thc_native, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Thue leaves curl like upside down tacos more noticeable on lower leaves the plant is in flower anyone know whhat this is

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  2. Get rid of those CFL lights, pick up an actual horticultural grade light, set it up, let it run for a few weeks and then come back and report in...

    After you've transplanted to a larger container of proven soil for cannabis gardeners.

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  3. Was asking wat wrong wit this plant not wat lights to get but thanks lol
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  4. hey buddy sorry to hear of your dramas. youve got a few issues though. the leaf tips clawing down at the end says too much nitrogen and the overall droopiness is what many would call 'over watering' but is actually not enough oxygen in the root zone. could be caused by a lot of things though. do you have a ph meter and a ppm meter?
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  5. and ive seen a guy pull 4 or 5 oz from inside a pc stack using those light. go google 'mr sparkle afn' the shit he can do with those things is unbelievable.
    drill some holes all around the side of the pot. the plant works like a hoover. sucking up everything good in the soil so when it draws up water from the soil it will also pull air in through the holes and help with the oxygen levels. the N toxicity could be that your ph is wrong or the nutrient strength is too strong. not neccesarily from there being too much nitrogen in it so youd need to test the ph and the ppm of the run off to determine exactly whats causing it. hope thats helpfull mate :)
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  6. I thin its nitrogen i been phing the water everywater so im sire it cant be tht and yes ive seen some good grows with cfls too thanks i will chueck it out forsure
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  7. I huave a lil cheap one tht .8 off and i dont huave a soil meter tho to see wuhat my soil is does ph rise or lower in soil after time
  8. no probs man. downward clawing is always nitrogen its just a question of why. try watering it more often but in smaller doses. that should help a little with the oxygen to the roots aswell. this is why i grow hydro. impossible to over or under water them. makes life so much easier lol.
  9. in theory, the root secretions in veg are more acidic than in bloom so the ph should rise steadily through veg then drop steadily in bloom. again, im a hydro grower but id assume that should work the same in soil.
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  10. shouldnt be rude to newbies man. we all gotta start somewhere. im only on my second grow aswell but can garuntee i could outgrow you and most others with my cheap shit blurples all day long. its not about what youve got, its about learning how to use it.
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  11. Im getting a 300 w led tonight tho haha
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  12. Really? What was rude about my post? OP asked for help and I gave it. How was that rude at all?

    As far as "outgrowing me" , well, maybe you just could! Lol

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  13. So you don't believe that poor lighting is related to plant health?

    Ah well.


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  14. guys.. please dont get harsh with Jerry. He knows more than most have forgotten. He's a good dude.
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  15. I flushed just in casee it wass to much nutrients it look like n tox to me the leaves like upside down tacos curled up
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  16. not saying it isnt a factor but the guy asked for help and you basically said your set ups shit come back when youve got a better one. its nice to be nice man :) a little help can go a long way :)
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  17. Lol I was just thinking the same thing haha. Looks to me to either be nitrogen deficiency and/or heat stress... I say nitrogen because the leaves have "the claw". .. Heat stress because the leaves folding like a taco... I know heat stress if they curled upwards tho, idk about downwards... Check into it tho? What's your temp at? Needs to be under 80 tops if it's in flowering..
  18. Ok dude - then YOU tell him that the CFL's are just fine to flower under and how great his plants are going to be because Joe Blow on YouTube grew a half pound in a PC box - tell him what you think he wants to hear...meanwhile I'll tell him the truth. You mean nothing to me. Zero.

    And THEN while we're on the subject of "being nice" you can keep telling folks how you can outgrow them - I mean, since you're such a nice guy right?

    OP, keep on listening to this guy lol


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  19. OP- I'm with Jerry ( highly respected in the Grasscity community as a whole but he's a pretty big deal in the Organic section). 2 CFL's can grow a plant from seed into the veg stage but going into flower you have to have more light.
    I used a shop light for my first grow and I did get some airy little things from the bud sites but for flower you gotta bring on the light to get bud. Look in the Micro Grow section as well as Plant Training - LST for your next grow and maybe Topping for your 3rd. Good luck.
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  20. just trying to help him use what hes got mate. if thats what hes got to work with then is it not better to help him rather than tell him to give up? loads of folk told me to ditch my cheap shit blurples cos they were no good and not the 1200w i thought they were when i got ripped off and ive currently got one auto doing this. [​IMG][​IMG]

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