Plant Pictures 1.5 months

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by emax420, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. wat u growin em under? kinda short for 1.5 months
  2. i would guess good lighting, but they look a little hungry.
  3. looks supre great....

    is short and bushy.....
  4. i want to kiss them
  5. quite a good fluro grow you got on there.........the 3rd pic down is showing the start of a Potassium (K) defficency, and the last pic shows some of the lower leaves suffering from fert burn, what kind of soil are they in, and what type of fert have you been giving them, the N-P-K number would be handy............looking pretty good though, but if you see them starting to look i'll get some new pics up as well..........Peace out.........Sid
  6. sorry for the long delay on the replies been sorta busy, but it is in some hyponex soil, we are using 20-20-20 and we tried using fert. about 4 3 weeks ago, and it started to turn yellow so we flkushed them out, and just started fert. again. We started really low on the fert. mix and are working its way up now. We got the seeds out of what they called "kind bud", out of a bag that we got, and we are hoping that they come threw. IF anyone could tell us what we can maybe expect from them that would be tight. Also, we have our hps system arriving tomorrow and hoping that it will make a huge difference as well. they are under flourescent lights i think 40 watts right now.
  7. Yeah not bad emax,short and bush they look like, U should tip em nowthat will make em heaps bushy more buds bettre yield in the long run. what strain? i might grow in soil my self this winter. unde light but hydro seems 2 B the go. better yeilds in same amount time. Might do some dirt some hydro.any cheak ya bong on stay cool Greentoker.
  8. Hey All:

    After adjusting the lights our plants started shooting up it seemed like an inch a day. Right now most of the plants are well over 12" tall. We're about to change them over to 12/12. They are all pretty bushy. One or two look like they MIGHT be Sativa.

    We've been thinking of cloning some of these plants, but these were completely a test run. We took seeds from our best shwag. The stuff pretty much looked and smelled dank, it just had some seeds and whatnot...So we'll definitely get some good buds out of this, but we're going to pick up some seeds here in little bit since we're a tad more experienced.

    By the way, did I mention I love this shit. Peace ya'll.

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