plant now or tomarro????

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  1. i have my white rino and sour d seeds in a paper towel. they sprouted out white things. should i go outside and plant. or should i wait one more day? ive seen them sprout out to leafs in a paper towel before. or should i do it now???
  2. How long are the tap roots (white things)?
  3. place tap root down. Leave head out of soil.Now!
  4. i just did it tonight when the sun was still up. i put them semi in the dirt. wit hthe whit things facing up. will this work all good. if not in the mourning ima go flip em. im sure they will do what they do. and also should i water or just let them be until rain?
  5. the white thing goes down man! Seedlings should be protected for the first few weeks (slug repellant-chicken wire if you got deer, rabbits etc...). Heavy rains will drown them.
  6. well its not going to rain tonight or for a few days and its a slight chance of rain. im not to worried about it. i mean i hope it doesnt fuck up but i cant get to the place until tomarro after 2 pm so ill just go then. and flip them down. fuck i hope they still grow. omg. :(
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    Don't leave the head out of the soil. There not strong inuff yet to cope with the light u put the at a least a inch under the soil..

    And I wait till the tap root is at least a inch long and then plant it at least a inch under the soil.......
  8. You're right if the tap root isn't out but if it is I would just let it stick its heada little out or barely cover it. (no need to make it work more). The 1st goal of the plant is to get out of the soil to the light. And if you sow directly place 1/4 inch under not 1 inch.
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    Ok mate I can see that, 1/4 of an inch is fine. It's just wen I started some seeds off a bit a go. And I had to leave them, and wen I got back to plant them I had to leave the head poking out of the soil. And most of the died, I think out of 100- 30 was saved so I lost Major money. And would never do that again........
  10. Mate, if you put them in the sun directly it's normal they died being weakened off from the taproot issue.
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    No they went straight under a 600w hps
  12. ah ok. the easiest way is just to plant directly in the soil pointy tip up or sideways. But there's no proof that leaving the tips sticking out was what killed them and it's not a good germination method in all cases especially since you said 1 inch. Back to the op, I would order more seeds.

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