Plant not flowering when rest are

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  1. I will start by providing all the details. I have 2 seperate grow spots. One in my backyard and one in dad's backyard. At my dad's I have 4 femenized seeds ''Bakerstreet" and they are flowering right on schedule. At my house I have 3 clones of northern lights and 1 femenized seed (also bakerstreet). The 3 NL are right on schedule for flowering but the 1 Bakerstreet is not flowering. It has pistols at the nodes, its the same femenized seeds used at the other grow location. This is why I am confused as I have done the same thing with all 8 plants the entire time. I will attach some pictures that might help give you an idea. The only thing I can think of is my motion light was coming on and keeping the one plant in veg as it is the first one in the row of plants closest to the motion light. Motion light has been disabled since then (about 2-3 days ago). That is the only thing I can think of that would be different, and odd it wouldn't effect the other 3 NL beside it. Possible bakerstreet more sensitive to light?
    P.s the last photo shows how far along the 3 NL are beside that one that isn't flowering (the other 4 bakerstreet are also at this stage of flowering).
    IMG_20190824_133917.jpg IMG_20190824_133828.jpg IMG_20190824_133655.jpg IMG_20190824_124518.jpg IMG_20190824_133917.jpg IMG_20190824_133828.jpg IMG_20190824_133655.jpg IMG_20190824_124518.jpg IMG_20190816_180457.jpg
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  2. Also sorry for the duplicate photos!! Not sure why that keeps happening on my phone.
  3. Light bleed from yard or street lights can do strange things to plants. Seen it hold half a plant in veg while the dark side was half flowered.
    Your disabling the motion lights will be enough and they should have time to finish if let go till Halloween.

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  4. With buildings and fences nearby I would say the plants arent receiving the exact same amount of light hours. It's not like they're in a big open field where shade doesnt come into play. It could also be genetics, some just take longer to show flowers
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  5. Keep em dark when it's dark. Can get hermies that way. Could be just a late bloomer. I have two still barely flowering. Just my 2cents
  6. Happy to report that after shutting off the motion light the Bakerstreet has joined the rest of the plants in flower. Must be super sensitivit light. Bakerstreet a.k.a Hindu kush

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