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Plant looks sick Please help

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by iarkey, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Please help :(
  2. Awww damn, Comon someone post just abit of info :(
  3. More info: age, soil, lighting, etc..... por favor.
  4. Doesn't look like mold.

    2 easy questions.

    What is the ph of the water/nutes when you feed.

    What are you feeding and how often (snuck a 3rd one in). :wave:
  5. atm i'm not feeding her anything, Its not nute burn, I've had it before. This time leafs are soggyish and stink.

    Only got this 2 days ago after taking her out in the sun for a day, Usaly growing under a 125wwatt 6500K CFL, Soil is just some soil i picked up ages ago and had no problem with, Age is about 2 months. Really stinks since it developed this crap on the leafs, Also the top leafs are losing color. Enough info or anything else? PH i'm not sure as i dont have anything to test with.
  6. Dig into your soil near the pot's edge a few inches and grab a pinch of soil (it's OK to tear a few roots in the process). See if it smells like shit/sewage/musky. If so you may have a fungus or some root rot setting in. Some fungicide can help it that's the case, or some neem oil.

    Could be heat stress also - first taste of the sun can cause some shock, the heat/lumens from the sun is exponentially more than CFLs and some plants may be a little sensitive to the change.

    Just some guesses, but yeah ph check should always come first.
  7. Soils fine, Ithink maby the sunlight problem, I've flushed her just incase
  8. If she's going outside, you can shade her a bit for the first 2-3 days, let her adjust to the temp change then she can work on light intensity. I do this with my tomatoes & veggies, they bitch a little going from flouro to sun sometimes. Flush is a good thing ;)

    Good luck!
  9. thanks alot, i will follow your advice :)

  10. huge switch from a cfl to the sun man, give it shade and time.

    If your leaves are soggy and stink funny bad not funny good I would let it dry. Almost every time I see this its because of over watering and the root zones are getting enough o2.
    Also you said the soil you got ages ago, that doesn't help much, what type of soil is it, Miracle grow, Fox farm, etc.
    If you want us to help, you need to overwhelm us with info about your sick plant so we may actually give you an educated guess.

    Pics are good and worth a lot of info but its just hard to say without knowing their schedule as if I was growing them myself.
  11. I cant remember what soil i just found a bag lieing around, It was just labled house plant soil. But there are 2 things im guessing, The big switch to sunlight, Some new Irri-go plus shit i gave her before i took her out. I can say its not the soil tho, 2 months old, Looking so healthy till today. Main info is some leafs look mouldy and stink, Some look lik the "green paint" has been chipped off and other look really peaky pale color between yellow and light green.

  12. what was the PH of the water you flushed with? What was your runoff. This looks like a deficiency might be setting in. If you dont know your PH you are just stabbing in the dark.

    Go to walmart or a pet store and buy a 5 dollar Fish Tank PH drop kit.

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