plant leaves moving and making clicking sounds?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MrDayzd_420, May 14, 2010.

  1. i watered my plant today with over nite tap, MG bloom, MG fert, superthrive, and i usually put 2 tbl of molasses, skipped it this water! she started flowering 3-15-2010, do the math! but i was watering her and her leaves started moving making clicking sounds loudly, and they were moving like she was drinking the water. anyone know if normal plants make these sounds?
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  3. yea it was wierd she was making sounds wen i watered her they were clicking n moving i tried google it n didnt find shit!?

  4. Weirdest thing that's happened to my plant is I had just watered it and was letting it sit in the sun next to me on the floor. I had just toked and was staring at it and one whole branch just twitched the fuck out. IT was a big twitch too. crazy:smoking:
  5. You must have been high dude.. it was probably the soil absorbing the water and air bubbles moving up the crevices.
  6. That happens to mine as well! If it looks wilted I'll water it and 5 mins later it starts twitching and the leaves perk up a little at a time. They don't make a sound though. I thought it was weird too, I tried googleing it but found nothing. Definitely not imagining it though it happens every time
  7. I'm going with the air-in-the-soil explanation. But dancing/twitching/talking plants sounds like a good time. :cool:
  8. Im with this guy..
  9. I just heard the clicking noise. It had to be the soil for sure. There is no way the plant was making the noise it was definitely air bubbles. Maybe if I smoked b4 I would be tripping but yeah otherwise the best legit reason is the air bubbles.


    still was trippy as hell to read though
  10. I think that means the weed is going to be really really good.
  11. Hopefully your right, but I don't see how you would come up with that explanation. I just think the fact that the top soil was dry and the bottom was still wet the water and soil squeezed out the air in between.
  12. were you talking to them? they were probably trying to talk back. be careful though, my buddy has a garden once with some big plants. he swore they talked back to him. one day he was pissed off cause he had a male and started cussing at his plants. after that he was never seen again. i think the plant ate him.
  13. Kinda like in that old movie "little shop of stoners" maybe im just confused though.. getting my shiz mixxed up..
  14. Cockroaches?
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  16. My plants are just a month and a half old, and every time I do this, the leaves twitch a little, and I can hear small clicking sounds coming from the grow room too.

    I didn't think anything of it, but now that I hear other people have this, all I can think is do we have mutant plants?!?!

    So, one day, I sat there for 15 min. listening and watching, the leaves misted and the plant just watered. Then, somthing weird happened, little air bubbles started to form and pop out of the water on the leaves, which in return, made the leaves twitch and move, also making a little click noises from the pop...

    What I have comfirmed from my plants is that the leaves are making oxygen bubbles, then the bubbles are popping on the water making the plant twitch because of this.... its like they have a mind of their own!

    Marijuana plants are very cool and strange!
  17. When I first logged on to this site , a guy tried to tell me his plants talked to you guys are telling me they pop, click and dance. I have been doing this for a long time. I have never seen any sign of a pot disco. besides I wouldnt know what kind of music they like.:smoking:
  18. sounds like that girl needs an exorcism! :smoking::smoking:
  19. You guys must be growing the new Rice Krispies strain.

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