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  1. Hey GC, on my first grow, about 6 weeks into veg and my leaves seem to be drooping and a little discoloration on the leaves toward the bottom. And comments as to what I should do? I have a hard time testing the PH bc there isn't really much runoff and i have the ph test kit where you have to put the drops in a vile. I haven't been checking the ph as much as i should but if anybody can give me some pointers that would be great! photo.JPG
  2. they look a little over watered man check the soil with ur finger and see if its dry, also u could just need a transplant 6 weeks of veg is a long time them roots might be cramped up
    hard to say if ur soil is crusty then ur prolly under watering i think its a combo put em 3 gallon pots and keep eye on ur water sched hope i could help picture quality isnt best gotta turn the hids of first
  3. test the ph of ur water ur using it should balance ur soil out sorry missed that ? first read through.....get a digital ph tester if u plan to be serious about it save u some sleep lol
  4. Thats the thing i stick my finger in it and its damp under the dirt so i haven't watered them in a day or so and they are already in 3 gallon buckets.
  5. yea should have done that from the start.. they looked great yesterday and check them out this morning and they are sagging, this maybe from me over watering though, i just don't want there to be and mag deficiency.
  6. and this is kind of a newb question sorry guys, but am should I balance my PH of my nutrients also before I water my plants?
  7. yes u should balance ur nutes before using .... make sure u got good drainage maybe even some pearlite on ur bottom layer next time. Check to see if the wholes are big enough on ur pot doesnt look like mag def anywhere but like i said hard to diagnose with the picture quality
    AND NO!
    Perlite, granite, ANYTHING is TERRIBLE to have layers within your pot.
    They INHIBIT drying. When mixed in, perlite is a wonderful additive, dont get me wrong.
    But if you layer granite or perlite at the bottom, all your doing is reducing soil volume and INHIBITING drainage. Because of that layer at the bottom, the top layers need to be fully saturated before cohesion can be broken and water starts draining out the bottom.

    Your droop looks like over watering; let the soil dry out in between waterings. I get my whole pot to be crunchy and the leaves droop very slightly before I water with a complete soak (only do a complete soak if you have very good drainage)
  9. good to know man nvr had a problem like that but if i can avoid it or make my op better ill listen anytime good shit man keep it coming
  10. would this cause each layer to have a different ph aswell?
  11. The pH im not sure on, but it probably would, considering that it would be made up of different materials.
  12. ill be sure to mix my perlite in my soil next time instead of layering

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