Plant is weak, and limp.

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  1. I have a 400w setup, not sure if the plant received too much light. I grow two at the same time, and one is completely dead-looking.. it's just laying flat on the soil.

    Can you guys tell me what you think, and if you think the other will survive?

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  2. Keep the plant in dim light and well watered and it could perk back up, but it will be stunted. A windowsill would be perfect for it until it gets strong enough to be under the big light. Seedlings can burn up and dry out really easily. In nature they start growing in the spring when the temps & lighting are mild and the soil is moist. They don't do well just being thrown into mid summer like conditions of being under an high powered light.
  3. you can always leave your plant by the window til its strong enough to handle indoor lights, which is like about 1 week. the first pic looked like it was dried out.
  4. Lay backa the water.

    When they are this yung, they HATE TOO MUCH WATER.

    Slack off on the H20, and I guarantee u, they will pretty
    much ASK U for their next drink

    Its best to eyeball it an let them tell u what they need.


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