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  1. I went to check my plants today, and one that i set aside somewhere was eaten. Like everything was gone, the roots were dug up, etc. (This was in a small gardening pot) so the hole was small. I think it was a small animal or bug. What can i do to keep those motherfuckers away from my babies? I have done some research, but any personal experiences or advice would be much appriciated.

    - Vince

    P.S> This is an outdoor stealth grow.
  2. sorry never had any personal experience with this.. but if the roots are gone and everything do you think some kids mighta found it and stole it? thats all i can think of lol, sorry for not helpin too much.
  3. i know exactly what you mean, i had 3 growing outside of my house, 1 morning i came out and the top half of 1 of the 3 was eaten, next morning i came out and all 3 had no heads, they were just stem, since then i havent grown outside, but am planning on it soon for this summer, i think its bugs but i am not sure. sorry i dont tihnk i can help much, but ive done research and think they are bugs, because my plants got eaten in 2 days but only had the cotlydons (round leaves) and one more set, so they werent far into growth. so were small, i dunno, iom soooo stoned
  4. Insects

    This is a recipe for an organic insect repellant that works pretty well with most insects.

    • 3 hot green peppers (canned or fresh)
    • 2 or 3 cloves garlic
    • 3/4 tsp liquid soap
    • 3 cups water
    Puree the peppers and garlic cloves in a blender. Pour into a spray bottle and add the liquid soap and water. Let stand 24 hours. Strain out pulp and spray onto infested plants, making sure to coat both tops and bottoms of leaves.

    from the bible

    ur fellow grower

  5. If it's a big animal you can take some alka seltzer and wrap it up in some bread

    and put it near your plants. It's a pretty cruel way to kill an animal but it works

    with seagulls. we used to do it alot when i lived in upstate NY
  6. how about not being an asshole and just put some chicken wire around them or something?
  7. racoons eat them.
    could be 1 of them
  8. It's definitly an animal, i went back to visit, and one other plant has teethmarks on the side of the pot, and the sprout was gone. And he just ate the one seed that came from chronic bud, and left all the mids plants alone. I know its a small animal, not bugs, these were just sprouts, and they just kinda yanked it out of the soil leaving a small dug up hole and a tipped over pot. i had a more mature plant about 5 ft away from that one, thank god it didnt get it. I was thinking about chicken wire, but how would i get through the chicken wire to water them? Any kinda of advice on making a fence, im willing to go to home depot and invest a little.

    - Vince
  9. just make a little cage with no bottom that you can set on top of and easily pick up and remove if you need to.
  10. i once had this 1 plant that didnt even start flowering, just dissapeared. there was a small hole in the ground like it was pulled by the stem. :confused:
  11. not sure where ur from but here in iowa deer love to eat plants they will pull them out buy yhe roots or just eat the leaves and buds ive been told to take some old soap bars and put around ur plants but i havent had any luck with this so im not sure besides putting up a fence
  12. yea deer eat them all the time, be really carefull if there are alot of deer around, and other small aminals
  13. i've constructed somthing very adequite. For anyone future reference:


    4 Rolls of some form of chicken wire. (I used very small holes so rats couldent get through.
    4 Peices of 2x4 big enough to support your plants full growth
    4 peices of 2x4 to make a door.
    2 Hinges (The things that make allow doors to open/close)

    First start off by making a simple stirdy box out of wood. A wooden frame if you will.

    Then make a square frame out of wood, andput your wire over it. (Cover Both sides of the door, so if they manage to pry into it, theres double protection.

    You now have a door and your frame. On the larger frame, put all of your chicken wire or whatever your using all over it, and completely cover it. However leave one of the small sides open, so you can set it on top of your plant. Hammer/Screw in your hinges on the small door frame where you want them to go. Then screw them in on the frame. Stand it up, and then with the leftover chicken wire, (or using wood/somthing impenertrable) cut out a square the size of the small side left open, and set it on the ground where your plant will grow, place your plant on top of it. Lift the cage, place on top of the plant. And no animals can eat your plant now haha. Now if you want to secure it from large animals that can knock it over, place fishing line around all of the tree's around it in a circle, do this every foot up each of the tree's and make an invisible cage, so when animals get up to it, they cant get through. any bugs or pests might be taken care of other ways. But Hopefully this will be of some use to you guys, it's just what i did. :p

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