Plant Dying From The Bottom Up

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  1. Can anyone help me this is my first grow.I have my girl in a 5 gallon pot in soil and I am using foxfarm tigerbloom. She is in the 4th week of flowering and the bottom leaves even the new growth is dying off and turning a very light green. 

  2. picture
  3. goes limp inlike 2 days then ready to fall off easily in short time? starts with the leaf at base of stalk and works it way up a branch at a time?
     leaf drys up fast because it no longer takes up fluids? turns from yellow to brown and schrivels up if left attached?
  4. 4th week of flower....? how long do you intend to keep these babies, as many strains by now are about or have expired, being 2 months veg and 1 month bud or variations of that? ....anyways treat as per nute poisoning, and flush with 3 times the volume of the pot, with air temp.Ph neutral water, allow to drain in dim light for 6 hours then replace under the lights, or sun, no food for 2 weeks or until you see an improvement
  5. You can really see it in a picture since the dying areas are the small new growth leaves and they are already shriveled up but this is what the leaf looks like compared to the other leaves.
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  6. The PH is neutral and I realized i put 4 weeks and its alittle more than 2 weeks in flowering but the top branches are purple is that is what is causing it to dying from the bottom up?

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