Plant drooping!! Help!?

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  1. IMG_1088.JPG IMG_1089.JPG So woke up and checked her in her dark cycle and she was drooping.. just last night, not even 10 hrs ago she was perky and looked great. Today is day13, I'll post a day 12 pic and a current pic. I watered yesterday, I water her whenever the soil is dry, probably every two days I use a spray bottle and mist the whole pot but I've never had any runoff. Any help would be great
  2. Lack of water. By spraying only the top of the soil there is no water getting to the bottom of the roots. By doing this you're encouraging the roots to stay near the top of the pot. Water enough that you get a bit of runoff. Then don't water again until the pot feels like there's nothing in it when you pick it up. The yellowing would easily be explained if you sprayed the plant with water when the lights were on (never do this), or if your ph isn't right (nutrient lockout).

    When posting problems like this be as descriptive as you can: what are you feeding them, what lights you're using (I know you've said in your other posts, but people aren't going to check those when diagnosing), what's your ph going and and what's the ph of the runoff and of course the temperature. All of these things are essential to diagnosing anything.

    Edit: also, if you don't get replies after hours of waiting throwing a "bump" on your post is the best way to get a bit more attention to the post.

    First to third grow. From beginner to novice lol.
  3. Thanks so much... and sorry for interrupting those other threads.. I was just getting desperate thinking she'd die! And what is a bump?
  4. Okay coool beans

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