plant day 16

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  1. is this normal growth rate for a plant? Its around 4 and a half inches tall? Seems a little slow to me. Its got 3 32w cfls on it to

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  2. better then my little girl under 3 23w's and a 32w.
  3. all plants are different and 4.5" is about average i would say.
  4. Yeah dude that looks real nice for 16 days. I'd say you're close to being right on schedule.

    My only advice is I'd recommend adding some perlite to it when you transplant it...helps drainage and aeration. Your plant will thank you for it. :)
  5. well i looked at it this morning and its grown an inch and going nice and bushy. But the leaves are curling up slightly =/ whats this mean? There still i really healthy green but jus slightly curled
  6. Looking good man, you ganna do a grow log?
  7. well this is a tester plant with a random seed off a buddy lol i got 3 ryders and a LA woman, all feminised so there gonna be my grow log, this plants probabbly gonna get cut or jus left with some cfls and see what happens. Jus to test the grow condiditons to
  8. looking good!
  9. yea thats a good looking 2 week old plant, indoors you really dont need to worry about the height of the plant, its more about how many nodes or sets of leaves you got.
  10. cheers! this is the first plant i grew and it looks nice lol smells like weed to =S is that normal
  11. well it is a weed plant so i would say it smelling like weed is perfectly normal:bongin:
  12. i am a little high haha jus been and watchhed toy story 2 3D! Was epic lol and i didnt think it would smell for a while. Slight whiff of it when ya eneter the room but when the cupboard door opens its a mmighty smell lol

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