Plant damage from bugs

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  1. This is the crap I was left with after ridding most of the bugs from my grow. It dosnt look too bad on camera but its pretty bad. These should be Afghan Kush, one of the plants is not afghan but its not in this pic. One of the pics of the preflowers may be the non afghan plant i dont know. My plants are pretty tall I usually see pics of afghan short and bushy. I think they were always leggy since germination.

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  2. What did you spray on them? They look like they are a little crispy bro.
    Rinse the plants will plain water if you did spray chemicals on them.
    They should recover as long as you wise up.
  3. I used Ortho organic elements insecticide. The leaves were already crispy before I sprayed them, the temps were 92+ degrees for about a week, I had to water every 2 days there was 4 days when they went un-watered and they had a few crispy leaves all the plants around my grow 30 feet in every direction was just fried and dead, it was quite sad.

    I think I also did further damage and burned one plant by using too much Plant Tone I used less the following friday and a few days later a lot of the damage was reversed.

    I was locked up for a few days and couldnt visit my grow for a good week, on my tallest afghan one side has like 5 yellow leaves I know its normal to loose some leaves during flower but I missed my last watering cycle and they have not gotten their nutes in about 2 weeks. All my plants are starting to bud I can see them forming, wasnt expecting this till later this month.
  4. Man Just lay off all the extras and use plain water for a few weeks. Maybe hit them with a High P fert at the end of August if they start looking better.

    Man I hear ya on the being busy. I havent been to see the girls in over 2 weeks.... havent even found out if they are girls yet they might be dudes! LOL.

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    I hope ya got a batch of all females like I did :)

    I don't do anything complex, I just give them Plant tone and straight water every Friday unless it rains than I just water when they need it. The neem cake was just used as a source of Nitrogen during veg I don't use it anymore Plant Tone has some nitrogen in it. This outdoor grow is pretty messy I just grew weed to grow weed, gain the experience and stop being a slave to dealers. My indoor grow this winter is going to be wayy better. Very clean and organized
  6. I really enjoyed all post of this topic..nice thread started here
    The location of the feeding damage on the plant caused by the insect's feeding, and the type of damage are the most important clues in determining that the plant damage is insect-caused and in identifying the responsible insect.
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    The only bugs i see on my plants now are green leaf hoppers. There are some ants too. The leaf hoppers when i see them are usually on the stem of the plant, but who knows they probably crawl everywhere when im gone.

    I think because of the fact that theres so much bug poop coated in the preflowers that I'll have to take the buds that grow from there and just toss them in with whatever I'll be making has with. I think hash made with Afghan Kush would be the bomb ^.^

    I'll take some more pics today I'm gonna go visit them. I have not seen them in about a week, last time I checked there were little popcorn buds all over!

    Forgot my cam but my plants look good! My one plant, its branches are completely covered with premature buds. My tallest plant is 6.3 feet all the others are slightly behind, but my shorted one being 5 foot 7 inches. My bagseed plant has SO much shit in its preflowers its depressing. I'll have to find something to wash them out with that wont harm the plant.

    I'm getting some spinosad (sp?) bug spray ASAP. One branch on my bag seed plant seems to have snapped, its got a hole in it thats black on the inside, I was considering snapping it off but i didnt have any tools handy. I channeled my forces into the buds of my plant =D My one plant I specifically told would give me tons of bud, is the plant that has the most little buds on it. Its main cola is going to be massive

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