Plant age in weeks, when do you start counting?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TegridySpecial, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. My girls germinated on December 9th and seedings sprouted above the surface in December 9th.

    Do you start counting when the seedlings sprout above the surface?

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  2. yes
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  3. I dont count. If I do I usually question when the breeders start counting for their advertising purposes lol.....
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  4. Autos day 1 that they stick their head up. Photos u count from when u see flowers. Veg time doesn't count for much

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  5. I think it might be more instrumental for you to count nodes during the veg stage, and also gauge plant development by the breadth and height of vegetation relative to its container. Remember, the roots roughly mirror what you see happening above.
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  6. Is their an ideal number of nodes to have in vegetative before switching to flowering?I want to learn how to read the plant.

    What’s the average number of weeks a plant is in vegetative before being ready to switch to flower. I know it varies and their are different advanced grow techniques. But just a ball park figure for an organic soil grow.
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  7. There's a minimum amount of time from germination that plant just isn't old enough to bloom, but the "ideal" is going to need to factor in the plant's genes (is it typically tall or short), the size of the pot and root structure, and the height and intensity of the lights. You want to make sure that when they're done stretching they're as large and healthy as possible while still remaining at an optimal height below your lights.

    And, to be frank, I have barely more experience than yourself, I'm just a couple of months farther along in my first grow than you are now. I could take guesses for you, if I knew all those factors, but they would be based on my very limited amount of experience. So please take my advice in that light!
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  8. One month with good lights minimum. All depends on if u are inside or out. What size pots too

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