Plans for this wonderful friday night?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, May 27, 2006.

  1. A couple friends and I are gonna see that new X-men movie and smoke a couple blunts of some dank I brought back from school in the movie theater parking lot and walk in the place high as can be. I dunno if this movie is gonna be good, but at least I'll be wrecked from the blunts, lol. After that, who knows...probably hit up a kegger around town somewhere and get smashed, then I'm not sure. Anyways I'm back from work, about to shower, and HAPPY THE WEEKEND IS HERE! :hello:
  2. bleh... im still up from last nights shroom trip :(.

    i think im going to crash as soon as im done eating this... i can't beleive its only fucking six
  3. Umm weed smoking and then some more weed smoking. Prob. gonna go out with a friend, get some dro., roll a fat blunt and chill. Gonna end up at home with some dank and prob. gonna rip bongs and kill in CS or BF2..laugh at Adult Swim, the usual :D.
  4. i plan to sell the rest of my dmt, then pitch in on an oz of dro with my friend n smoke a 2 gram blunt to the face, then pick up some bitches n smoke another blunt wit them to get em horny, n then who knows haha
  5. gettin a quarter of mids, a pack of blunts, and i got work tonight at home so smoke b's and do some, yo negligent hit me up on aim gotta question for you
  6. Got three grams of skunk.

    Got a 12 pack of molson ice and a fifth of whiskey.

    Gettin tore up from the floor up.

    Then jus kickin it on the block tonight.
  7. If you gon drink mays well drink till you hit the floor, Once you hit the floor get your ass up and pour a couple more...

    Drink 12, Or 21, Jus dont stop at 2.

    Im gettin drunk, Who else at GC gettin drunk with me?
  8. Already a step ahead of ya, KSR.

  9. Im fuckin tore up already.

    I drank like 5 beers and a pint of whiskey. Tore up from the floor up.

    Ill drink for like 4-8 more hours. Bout to go smoke a couple blunts with my dad. Gettin tore up from the floor up ya herd.
  10. Family that smokes together, stays together.

    Yeah, I hear ya. About to kill what little JD I have in this 5th, which already has me fucked up, and listen to some music.

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