[Plans] 2013 Season

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  1. Sup guys.
    YES, I know that this sounds ridicolous and that is too soon to talk about 2013.
    But since I got some failures this season, I'm already planning next season and hopefully everything goes fine to me.
    I'm considering it to be guerrila

    [for now]

    2 Trainwreck
    2 Sensi star
    2 Pandora
    2 Dutch cheese
    2 LSD

    All feminized.
    Total Plants: 10

    50% All Mix
    50% Compost


    I will start in 0,23L pots
    Then to 5,5 L pots
    And finally -> to holes

    I don't know if is a good option to go from 0,23L pots to 5,5L pots...

    Ok , that's what Im planning, I already got the spots.
    Hopefully this winter I should start the holes.

    Hope you give me some tips about the pots, I dont wanna stress the plants...

    And by the way, sorry for my bad english
    not my native language
  2. What do you plan to use for pest and animal control? Besides watering, those are the two biggest challenges of any outdoor grow?

    The pots sound fine to me. Are you starting them indoors or at your plot? And how do you plan to water? Is there a water source in site?

  3. Forgot to say.
    For pest and animal control i'm buying some Neem.
    About watering, as soon as I finish dig the holes, Near the spot I will start putting 5 liters containers for all season ( too many needed).

    I don't know yet how I'm gonna start.
    I don't wanna bring anything inside, so I have still need to think about that... if you have suggestions would apreciate.

    One thing that worry's me is how i'm gonna know when to pass from each
    pot to another, how I will know when to transplant, does the plant shows any signal?

    I'm very excited and can't wait :D:D:D

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