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    My current plan is that when our parents leave, me and my buddy are gonna down them then and then our parents wont be back for around 4-5 hrs, in which case we'll be sober enough to atleast pass since we'll be on our way down, they don't usually talk that much, just maybe ask what we want for dinner etc.

    Is this plausible or is it a bad idea?


    This is ~3/8ths I believe. Costly out here though. About a hundred bucks. Sorry for low quality, taken with my phone.
  2. it should be fine but some shroom trips can go to 6+ hours and you will still be a little disoriented afterwards so honestly i wouldn't risk it
  3. Wow, fast response lol.

    Also, do people ever get sold the wrong kind of mushroom? Because I'm not 100% faithful in my dealer, and that could be pretty bad =P Is there any way to tell?

    Sorry, probably a stupid question but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  4. If you post pics of them I can probably tell you the kind.

    I would give yourself more than 5 hours though.. I always did a lot but I'd go for days sometimes...
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    Hm my dilemma is that his parents work from early morning to like 2ish and come home, and then go out again and come back around 7 or 8. Our only other option would be after midnight in which case we'd get no sleep obviously and we wouldn't be able to nature walk =|

    Also, do people ever sell you the wrong kind of shrooms? Thats really low, i mean i'm sure its a possibility but does it happen often?
  6. Never bought shrooms either a friend was growing them or we went out and picked them.

    Go on the nature walk on shrooms.

    Just lose the parents?

    Or stay out a night at a friends house.. then go on the nature walk on shrooms

    nature walk + shrooms = heaven
  7. yeah you can still nature walk at night but ou may not want to, i don't know. no sleep wouldn't be too bad you could say you were gaming hard or whatever. fake shrooms are rare because real ones aren't too hard to get and if he poisons you he's in deepshit. just post a pic and we can verify
  8. Make sure you understand what you're getting into. Its nothing like being stoned or drunk. It can be very spiritual and uplifting, but at the same time it can be terrifying. I've had both kinds of experiences and everything in between, and I can tell you that setting is everything.

    Don't do it in a dirty, grimy basement. You'll want to be in a familar comfortable place with familiar people that you are comfortable with.

    I've tripped in the woods before, and it can be a blast. However, if you aren't the outdoors kind of person, don't even try it.
  9. One last question, will we be able to atleast talk to parents/answer very simple questions like 'what do you want for dinner' if we're on our way down? Because we may be strained for time depending on how long we trip.
  10. The simple fact that you have the idea in your head that you will have to talk to your parents may be enough to turn the trip on you. Granted, you might be fine to talk to them after 5 hours, but 3 hours in you might be tripping absolute balls and think to your self "There is no way I could talk to my parents like this. Oh my god, how long is this gonna last? I'm gonna get caught. etc..." and it would only spiral downward from there. In other words do not risk it. If you do, you may be trading the best experience of your life for the worst one.
  11. Your asking for a bad trip.

    Wait for a more ideal time.

    Don't eat the shrooms until you are positive they are psilocybes.

    I suggest you do some more research, you sound uninformed. and 15..
  12. Perhaps I should wait for a more ideal time but we're on break this week.

    I've been doing research for awhile, I'm sorry I seem to have hit a sensitive spot for you. I am not 15, but I won't hold it against you. I just don't see why you're getting so irritated over asking questions =\ I'd rather be safe than sorry, but to be perfectly honest I'd rather not get in an e-argument haha.

    But anyway, mostly bumping because I added pictures, sorry for low quality, taken with my phone.
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    I don't want you to have a bad experience just because you were stupid and rushed using a very serious substance. I don't want you to hurt their image by describing your experience to others either.

    Not giving them enough respect in my opinion, wait till next break if you have a pressured scenerio. Its that important. Its a spiritual sacrament, not something you take to get fucked up.

    No offense to you or anything i'm just being blunt.

    EDIT: And those could be psilocybes its hard to tell
  14. dude just do it my mom gave me and my friend a ride once while we were tripping... at the time it was the funniest thing of my life... me and my friend were talking about colleges and looking at the pretty lites on cars... did i mention my mom was none the wiser
  15. haha i dont think this guy can talk me down, regardless of if he's right =P

    but i think my last question is do the shrooms in the pic look legit? psilocybes?
  16. Don't expect to be able to communicate with your parents at all while you're tripping. Wait til you know they wont bother you

    And it will prob last a little more than 5 hours. IT all depends on how much you take
  17. I guess my question was more shaped around like can I talk with them at all, not at the peak of my trip but near the end. Maybe I wasn't clear enough, my bad. Like at the 5 hour mark or so.
  18. I wouldn't recommend it
  19. Hm, alright. But is it ~5 hours from when you eat them or ~5 hours from after you start to feel effects.
  20. ull be able to answer simple questions...

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