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  1. ok this is the first time i've been in the grow section on gc and recently i have gotten a huge interest in growing because i'm tired of paying

    i've been browsing around but all this new information is kinda confusing and my mind is on overload

    i really want to do this but will i have to dedicate myself to this plant if i want it to turn out right?

    and if you could recommend an easy first setup for a first time grower with absolutely no experience?
    if this type of thread is repeated alot, if you could just throw some links so i have good direction that would be awesome

    any other advice would be great and i'm open talk to you if you need for info :)

    thanks so much
  2. The Search facility will find you whatever you want.
  3. 3 CFL bulbs , a pot , some dirt and a seed will do just fine for you. after you can add a 10 dollar fan and 5 dollar ph meters sticks for your water. you wont need much of anything to know how to do it in dirt.
  4. i know and i use it but i was hoping to get some insight straight from the source but i'm sorry if its too much to ask
  5. its not to much. you can see my grow journal and see its a big jump to that type of system from what i told you. 3 CFL will veg your plant at a slow/normal rate and take a longer time to flower but it can be done. and since your new to it, i would do that first.

    harder to mess up a plant in dirt. check your plants 10 minutes a day and monitor your waterings. youll be fine.
  6. The only dumb question is an unasked question. You have the itch! Now there is much to think about. First would be space. Whats your area gonna be? Come on, if you want we can go a little at a time and make you a realistic plan. I live for this stuff. Think about how much space you will have and we will go from there. It will be no time and we'll have ya growin some pretty flowers like these! IMO Much Love.

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    well do you think i should do it outdoors or indoors?

    which one will be easier to maintain and will there be a difference in how much herb i get?

    i was thinking outdoor in my backyard since its pretty secluded but i'm open for suggestions
  8. do you live with rents? do you live alone? how are your neighbors? a lot happens when you do outdoors so make sure that you wont get busted.

    indoors is a bit safer and youll prob only be doing 1 0r 2 so the smell wont be that bad.
  9. i live with mi madre but she is ok with it and neighbors interfering isn't a problem

    all i need to do is go get everything but indoors sounds good...
    all i want really is one nice plant for personal use so thats perfect
    by the way if i did get one solid plant, about how much mary will i get off it?

    another question though...
    in order to plant said marijuana, i need seeds sooo

    is it best to get them from say this website? or some other one...
  10. The amount of light will decide how much mary is produced. I get 1-6 ounces per plant using a 1000 watt light, depending on veg time, pot size, and strain. If you really wanna produce high quality smoke I suggest getting a T5 Flouro for veg and at least a 150 watt hps for flower. With these two lights, proper ventilation, and a good healthy medium a semi-skilled grower could produce 75 grams every 60 days. IMO Much Love.


    Ok so you thinking about indoors huh?? ROCK ON! ... some things you going to want to research on your own... Gott'a know "it" to grow "it"! Ya feels?

    1. MJ plant life cycle and its "ideal" environment.
    2. Lighting: HIDs, CFL/FL, and other not so effective ones
    3. Concepts of Hydroponic and different types(drip, ebb and flow, NFT, aeroponic)
    4. Security issues and counter measures (smell, heat and other)

    As to your question, one plant would probably get you like 2-4 Oz in a span of 5-6 (Cured and dried) months = /...

    Are you looking for something perpetual... as in... getting a harvest every month?? Look into it! good stuff...

    Ventilation is pretty important...

    Are you looking to spend as less money as possible or do you think you could run some sort of HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting??
  12. thanks guys, guess i gotta lot of work to do :)
  13. hi smokingirly.....i would suggest you do a google search and find the video "I GROW CHRonic" by Mr green... allot ofgood stuff for a beginner and welcome to your new favorite hobby:D
  14. Do the three Rs. Reading, reading and reading.
  15. I highly reccomend DWC very easy and very fast growth.

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