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  1. I want other peoples opinions on my design for these buckets. From thinking it in my head to putting it on paper i cant see were i would run into any problems. Ill try to explain it in text and i drew a picture so you can kinda see it.

    Alright now i wont be using 5 gallon buckets. Ill be using these buckets that pirana plates come in because their a little taller but their the same size around. I drew a 5 gal bucket next to one in the pic for a comparison.

    Now im going to be doing 2 to 4 plants at a time so what im going to do is buy one 50gal air pump and split it with a 1/4 inch 2 or 3 port manifold if i do 2 or 3. If do 4 ill just get 2 30 gal pumps and split each with a 2 port. I figured i would save electric and the cost of buying 1 pump per bucket that way and i can just get 1 or 2 good pumps with good airstones.

    Im only gonna have 1 hole in the bucket for the net pot and run the tubing through a hole in that to help avoid light leaks since the less holes the easier that will be to achieve. Im also going to put reflective tape around it since the buckets are white.

    Ill have 1 spare bucket with an RO filter in it and when i need to change the water ill put my nutes in it pop the lid off the old bucket and put it on the new one the. RO water for the next plant in the old bucket. Ill do 1 bucket every day or two depending on how well my filter works.

    People always say KISS and this seems like the simplest way to do hydro buckets that would work from what I've read about them. I want you guys to tell me if it would work or what you would tweak or change in my design.

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