Planning First Grow, Looking for Advice

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ev149, May 7, 2011.

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    Hi Grasscity!
    I'm planning on doing my first grow with some Silver Haze. I'll probably use a large (about 4'x4') cardboard box with 2-3 CFLs. I'm living in a temperate climate (upstate New York) and wondering what the best way to regulate temperature is, how often to water and feed them, and any other advice you guys have to offer!
  2. Hey man, I'm pretty new myself (only like a month into my first grow), but if you read up on all of the beginner guides you should do okay. Just be sure to be patient and understand that it is a learning experience. Here is a link to the beginner's section Absolute Beginners - Forums but you've probably already been there. Here is a guide that I referred to when I was figuring this out Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana and another one Growing Stages of Marijuana | Grow Cannabis Indoors, Pot, Weed, Growth Stages.
  3. Thanks for the links guys, hopefully this turns out well. Also, do you have a recommended time of the year to start planting?
  4. Depends where you're located.
  5. I'm planning on keeping my plant in my attic.
  6. Cool, thanks. I guess I should get started soon, then.

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