planet skunk 1st order big question!

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  1. Put order in yesterday at planet skunk and I got strains double gum & orange bud to try out my new rubber maid hydo kits and my total was 52 euro and I went to westernunion to send off the money ..."Ong story short they told me to pay X amount for 52 euro and I guess ther convertor for currency was wrong and it only sent 49.6 euro and they told me it would still be another fee of 15 buck to send another 2.4 euros what do u think will happen I emailed the company and explained my situation! Any help or advice
  2. Hey Bud, sounds like you got the International bankers blues. They've stolen over 10 TRILLION from the treasury already. Their converter wasnt wrong per se, Its just that our dollar is devaluing THAT Fast. Research it. The USD wont be valid soon. 1 Trillion Daily theyre Stealing And Buying Up REAL Assets. Power companies,water supplies. They Will Keep stealing it until Paper is Just that worthless paper. Theyre Building compounds on Coook islands Virgin Islands British and american. They=International banking Elite, Corporate interests. A Chinese Worker Is VERY Much better than an american. They Cant SPeak Out Have No benefits and make No Fuss and Have No Standard of living. Just Pay the money and be happy u still have electricity and are not rititing till maybe 2 months from now
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    Yeah tell me about it with the economy like it is all u can do is light a bowl of berry and think of how it was in the good ole skool days
    Anyway u think they will still send it
  4. Even though Luck is NOT on your side my Boy had this same scenario happen to him and they sent him a substitute same type of parentage and feminzed seed back but a different strain. At this point its up to you and the company they might just send you a sub OR take out 1 Seed and put it into their pick and mix lineup. Dont Support the corrupt Wiring companies work something out were they take out a seed or two depending on what u bought.

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