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  1. Hey blades,

    Had sex today, in short, the condom fell off after I ejaculated. Pulled the condom out just fine, but im worried. My girl ovulates on the 21st or 22nd (4-5 days) after sex. I'm buying "plan b one step".. and shell probably take it tomorrow night. This should be around 30 hours after sex. I should be alright, correct?

    I know the consequences of sex, and she doesn't take the pill. But, do you think she'll get pregnant? Any answers appreciated.
  2. The sooner you give it to her. The better your odds.

    Best of luck. Dont stress over it. I has never failed me.
  3. The directions say it's still good, but sooner is better then later.
  4. If you guys are having sex regularly, why not just ask her to give the pill a shot? Anyway, good luck.
  5. 30 hrs falls under 72

    so uhh ya you should be a ok!

    buttttttt like everyone has said, the sooner the better definitely hold true with this./
  6. You should be good to go.

    Also, please note that Plan B doesn't work once she's ovulating.. it's meant to stop her from ovulating. That's how I got knocked up, smh.
  7. Plan b is not something to use as a regular bc method(my friend did this and now has no period at all) but as an emergency and you are supposed to take it soon as possible, just an FYI though birth control will be 100% free in 2011 with medical coverage all you have to do is go get it, its more effective than plan b
  8. Plan B pills should be in every candy dish in america! Gumball machines too!
  9. You should be ok, but as everyone else said the sooner the better.

    Although my friend took it the day it happened and still got pregnant...

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