Plagarism from GrassCity? You decide...

Discussion in 'General' started by Tim t'Enchanter, Jun 9, 2009.

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    I was just clicking through a few links on gorillamask, and I found this article on the 'hail mary jane' blog:77 Ways You Should Know That You Are Way Too Stoned | Hail Mary Jane

    Fine, I thought, this should be funny. Imagine my surprise when these reasons 'you know you're too stoned' turned out to be very familiar, e.g.

    1. When you cough up a lugie and it tastes like bong water
    2. When you stare at a TV that's not even turned on because you don't feel like turning it on
    3. You put your lighter in your mouth and try to light it with your bowl. (true story)

    I think anyone who has read the "You know you're a stoner when..." thread on here will recognize them. He even uses the pictures from here!
    I know that 90% of the internet is recycled material, but a little credit would have been nice!:mad::mad::mad:

    Sorry if someone else posted this already.
  2. wow man you're right
  3. I just called him out on it.
    Grasscity rocks too hard to be ripped off like that.
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    Bravo, I should have done that, but all I could think of was letting my Blades know they were being disrespected. I was subscribed to that blog, but now he can go fuck himself.

    Edit: He must censor or screen his comments, the newest one on the page is from 14 hours ago.
  5. ah wtf D: that dudes a loser (n)
  6. YEA TIM! Bust that mother fucker! lol

    I read that thread a couple days ago... But plagiarism never crossed my mind.

    Although, reading your expose, it obviously should have.

    Keep on patrol man, somebody's gotta catch lame stuff like this.

  7. absolutley agreed :p

    Gc shit is for blades only man, we can't have no losers stealin stuff D: :p
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    I'd probably not have caught it except that's one of my favourite threads! How hard is it to cite sources? I hope he loses any readers he might have from this forum.

    Edit: Comments are up! Good job lads!
  9. Have you told superjoint ? He's the owner of grasscity.
  10. Lobbeth the Holy Hand Grenade towards thy foe!
  11. Just PM'd him (or her).

    There's no need to waste good ordinance on a poser like that, I'll keep it in case the Beast of Caer-Bannog decides to appear in a blog.;)
  12. Could he possibly be a member of GC?
  13. Agreed. We shall save it then!
  14. That thought had occurred to me, but I think if that was the case he'd have no problem giving GC props, and I didn't even see a link to here, and you all know how much bloggers love links!;)
  15. I wasn't aware a thread was copyrighted when it's posted here.

  16. Neither was I, hahaha. I do not know if this is really a problem we should be a addressing :confused:
  17. Superjoint...That shit makes me laugh every time I see that username!! LOL!!

    Oh yeah...Good call...Totally ripped GC off.:smoking:
  18. It's not like that thread was super original. I bet if you searched the forums you'd find similar threads with similar responses.
  19. Let's not get our knickers in a twist.....

    Actually, let's fucking hack the whole damn website. You gotta show em no body fucks wid da GC blades. Yeah!
  20. Who cares...?

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