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  1. I have come over 3 different lights, 1st of them is a projection lamp type 7787XHP 16V 400W and I read that it puts out 16,000 lumen!!The size of 'em r about as big as my thumb, And I have 2 of them ahd a whole f***'n projector-station 25" in every direction... maybe I should try to take it appart if it's worth it?

    And one FXL 82V 410W says: GE lihgtning, made in USA

    And one 150W 230V, type 12121 W philips Halogen

    Can I use that setup for the flower chamber or is it woth it... do they put out enught spectra/Lumen/Kelvin, ???

    Have my seeds in germination right now, 5 in pots and 5 still in towels!!
    Thanks // ClubCueCas
  2. none of them put out enough of the right kind of light spectrum for it to be worth it. There are ONLY 4 (maybe 5 counting led's) types of light worth using and they are:

    HPS (high presure sodium) - Perfect for flowering plants and generally good all through the grow.

    MH (metal halide) - Better for vegging than hps but not as good in flower due to it being more of a blue/white light than red/orange like hps.

    CPF (compact fluorescent) - Just get a good load of them (energy saving bulbs) they do them in a load of diff spectrums so buy ones with a more blue output for veg leaning towards the ones with red/orange output for flower.

    Sunlight - kicks the shit out of all the above if you have the room to grow outside and get decent sunlight.

    There are a few ppl round who are starting to use led's but there are NO kits worth buying out there atm no matter what they claim, used by people who have built their own led setup them selves from scratch.

    Good luck.
  3. Ok, but why does my eyes become blind for 3-4 min after I've ..just.. looked at the lamp for a sec? This hardcore lamp must atleast put out 20,000 lumen with the magnifier lins on, or even more.... but it get's extremly hot so I think I should build an cooler system for it. The ballast for it ways near 2 kilos. When I'll get a desent camera I'll show you all what I have been up to...
    I meen, in other threads people complains about others lights. that they are in lac of lumens power, to few cfl's and so on ec . But i'll just try to get going with this for vegging I'll guess,and se what happens.. maybe it is a gold mine of getting cheap (freebee) lightsetup that contains 400W. then I can come up with more power later on for my 2-4 aegrobubble bucket's first grow. Maybe an 400-600 W blom, and some reptile light among some few cfl's.. and make a real overkill to those crops ;9 I need to yield 4-7 once on these plants to new years eve.

    even thought, thanks for the hints.. but i will try it out.. and lern from my own misstakes, peace

    Hasta La Victoria Siempre
  4. Lumens really dont have much to do with growth, spectrum does.
    Lumens are how bright a light is to the human eye.
    I will pm you privately I posted on your other thread to I think I should tutor you and answer any questions you have.
  5. But this is a High pressure X...... TYPE= 7787XHP 400w
    With ballast and two lamps, that can be swiched by a push, and a air-cooler built within. only needs a tube for it do draw air from outside closet... that have unlimited grow space upwards :D about 120 inch.

    Please anyone, tell me if that's good?? I cant even get worse? I hope?
  6. halogens put out the wrong spectrum light for plants to grow. they are really, really bright for their size, but they put out the wrong kind of light
  7. hmm.. I'll dump thiis project then and just wait n'till they get a little higher with reptile light's and cfl's, then I'm gonna throw in the real stuff... 400 HPS :)
    I'm about to order it now so, good damn.. it's expencive, 300$ / 2100 euro!!
    Now they MUST bring me 2 oz,
    Thanks for helping me.
  8. Good decision :) you wont regret using that hps instead of the lights you mentioned. I use a 400w hps and get around 7oz per harvest or 0.5g per watt. The magic number is reaching 1g per watt of light but not a whole lot of people manage to get that and it can take years of practise.

  9. Just need to post this!
    I've have picked up my light now :) :) have read about it in this forum and they sad it was realy god for the plant... but I didnt know it was so god that it almost burned down my plants!! 600W High Presure Sodium in a closet that is 3 x 3 x 7" (feet). good damn its strong lightings i've now got. Think it's realy overkill for them? or just equal for what they need ? about 94000 lumen for 8 plants now, And hoping for 4 females that means 23,500 lumens each then ;) ! = buds buds buds :) peace // ClubCueCas
  10. it doesnt always matter on wha kind of light or wattage, but how many lumens per square foot. do the math for ur growspace and then just use ur head.

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