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Places that are ok with marijuana

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bobzxz, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. What are some countries that are ok with marijuana other than jamaica or amsterdam? decriminalized/legalized
    i heard it was legal in switzerland but i cant find anything to back it up
  2. It's decriminalized in Spain for sure, it might even be legal there now, I've heard rumors that it is.
  3. Its legal in alaska for 4oz and this i mean no fine, no jail, nothing
  4. You can have up to 25plants too.

    Bob: Check out to see the states in the US that are decriminalized.
  5. i think its prettyi llegal in switzerland.
  6. definitely not legal in switzerland, though the cops often turn a blind eye if you don't have much on you. you could say it is somewhat "virtually legal"

    otherwise, it's a fine.

    when it comes to growing, it is somewhat tolerated. from a legal point of view, you're allowed to grow as long as it's not to produce drugs. farmers are allowed to grow hemp up to .3 % THC. there is a catalogue that lists the allowed strains. but said catalogue only applies to farmers, so theoretically, you're allowed to grow any strain as long as it's for decorative use (but hey, how do they know it's for smoking till you smoke it ;)) but once again, if you get caught, the fine / jail time (extremely rare, would have to be huge amounts, dealing of large amounts) depends on the cops, the judge or the weather :) (if it's been rainy for 3 weeks, cops are in a bad mood lol :smoking:)

    also, what you have to keep in mind about switzerland is it works somewhat like the US. there are 26 "Cantons", similar to the 50 states. the lawmakers write federal laws, which are guidelines for the cantons. afterwards, it's up to them to modify/ keep the law as is.

    in general, the german speeking cantons are more laxist, directing most of their energy / money / police force towards other "harder" drugs and real crimes while the french speaking ones can be a bitch when it comes to weed.

    on the other hand, it seems to be going in the right direction. a popular initiative to decriminalize consumption, possession and culture of weed was given in to the government with over 140 000 signatures (switzerland's a small country ;)) we should be voting on this issue in 2-3 years, and it will most probably pass.

    Toke on

    - Zog
  7. i was in london when the UK decriminalized pot. man the first part of the week was awesome, they had peace marches where there were tons of people and a cloud was following them on the street. i'd go out to look for a guitar but id first duck into the crowd, hit a few spliffs, then head on my merry way. but there werent any more marches once it got decriminalized. shucks.
  8. Cali is probably the most liberal state (besides Alaska) in the US when it comes to pot.

    28 grams or less and you get a $75 fine. :smoke:
  9. :smoke:

    GreenLantern420: You can have up to 25plants too.

    Awesome, gonna have to get a place down there :p
  10. shit it should be, imaging having to put up with those periods of all light or all darkness id be so blazed if i lived there
  11. bosnia. cops over there just dont give a shit. if they try to hassle you, give em 5 bucks and theyll leave you alone.
  12. Seattle doesn't arrest smokers anymore.
  13. Weed is a Class C drug in the UK, not decriminalized.

    It is decriminalized in Portugal, not legal though.

    I don't know about Spain, all I know if that it is not legal there!
  14. Why does that not suprise me?

    <3 for france.
  15. I didn't know about Alaska being practically decriminalized, that's great. I'm here in cali and almost everybody smokes weed, though there's only a few hardcore daylies in my town. Nonetheless, it's very prevalent, but that doesn't mean the cops don't keep an eye out. If they can bust you, they will. They take your weed, give you a ticket and let you walk, true, but after three times of getting caught, they start to impose harsher penalties, like jail time.

    On that note, i've never been caught!
  16. i am myself from the french speaking part of switzerland ;)
  17. yea marijuana is slowly becoming more legal and legal in america. it's legal in a total of 7 cities within the 48 states since last september. Something like you can have up to an ounce of it. Denver, seattle, i think san francisco were some of the cities.
  18. Australia is really tight with weed, but theres only 1 town near where I live where its pretty legal to smoke called Nimbin
  19. Nope it isnt legal in SF. I wish.
  20. from my experiance living in california, you might aswell say its legal for personal use. the schools dont have a problem with the dealers, no one cares if you walk down the street smoking a J. just dont be a douche with the stuff and everything is fine

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