pk 13/14 HELP

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by paul1234, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. when do i use pk boost???  some people say for 1 week and others say a few weeks?? dunno what to do for my grow???

  2. It really depends on the nutrients that you are using for flowering.
    A lot flowering nutrients already have plenty of p and k, but late in flowering when you reduce your over all nutrient strength sometimes it's good to add some P/K to keep those levels up for a bit longer. Too much P (like anything else) will stress the plant though and actually stunt flowering.
  3. Week 4-6 depending on how long your particular strain flowers for. PK boost is mainly used to increase budsite production and density. Less is more with things like this. Start slow and work your way up, you don't want to burn your ladies!! Also try looking up specific feeding calenders for your own nute system. Google is there to help!
  4. im using canna brand! using canna flores all tru flowering stage and got told to get some pk 13/14 to give em a boost! the strain is og kush from a clone around 8 weeks flowering to harvest i think. i veged for 4 weeks and im at start of week 4 of flower now!
    so what do u recomend me to do then?? i dont really understand the p and k thing really otherwise i might be able to work it out!!

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