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Discussion in 'General' started by Tonyizzle, May 28, 2010.

  1. If I ordered a pizza and let it sit out overnight I can still eat it the next day right?

    I don't wanna get some fucked up malarianecoli disease.

    Thanks :smoke:
  2. Dont forget to heat it up .
  3. Do I have to? I can't leave the room im in currently until late tomorrow night and this is the only food i have.
  4. not really sure, i wouldnt risk it tho.
  5. Pizza is fucking tasty, cold or hot
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  6. I leave my pizza out sometimes, and still eat it the next day
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  7. Hell yeah it is. I live for pizza, and weed, and pussy haha. But its safe to leave it out, right?

  8. Sweet thanks. And your sig is awesome
  9. Yes ofcourse.
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  10. salmonela!

  11. Thanks :)
  12. I've seen my husband eat so many things that have sat out for hours and hours... and I'm thinking "ugh, that is gross I'd never eat that when it's been sitting out so long" but he's always fine. :p

    I'd say you can definitely eat that pizza after it's been sitting out for a day. ;)
  13. Pizza is best after sitting out all night.
  14. Id say as long as theres no chicken or pork on it that it should be good. Do you have an air tight container, like some tupperware? if you do Id put it in there and it should be just as good tommarrow.:smoking:

  15. WTF?

    i wouldn't risk it man, but i doubt its even real cheese nowadays.
  16. Personally I wouldnt do it but if you do try to be as safe as possible about it. You wouldnt want to get really sick over something as minor as a slice of pizza.
  17. It's not worth the risk dude... if you cant even leave the room for a long time, what if you do get sick? That would suck
  18. Why don't u just order a pizza tomorrow instead?
  19. This^^^
  20. Really? I didn't expect stoners to be wary about a pizza that has been sitting out for a day.

    It's pizza. From a pizza joint. Only been sitting out for a day. C'mon, shit's fine! :p

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