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Pizza Hut knows!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bluebonic, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Normally I wouldn't write about something like this but this was surpsrising none-the-less. I was ordering a pizza (Large Stuffed Crust w/ Pep.) and once I told them my number they told me MY address and I was like woah. So like I said up there, it just surprised me that they knew my address without me telling them. THEY KNOW!

    EDIT: P.S. I'm High
  2. all pizza places save your address and tie it to your number the first time you order from them so they always know
  3. yea thats pretty standard procedure...but i do remember the first time i heard that when i didnt know, it was creepy.
  4. I called Dominos and I had never ordered from them before. They used my number on the interweb and looked up my address....
  5. Damn I knew I was being stupid.
  6. Yeah that creeped me out the first time, too. I was like "Do... you work for the government?" lol
  7. yeah out...for you know...the "man"
  8. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    :smoking: :smoke: :hippie:

    I'm baked, That was funny ass hell. Im drunk too.
  9. Nice, i once called a beer delivery service, and they called me back on my cellphone like 10 mins later asking me what kinda beer i was just weird, i answered and was like "hello" and the chick said "Hi, this is the beer delivering company, what kinda beer did you want?" ahha, i wish a chick would call and ask what kinda beer i wanted more often
  10. Yo man I ordered the exact same shit last night LOL I was blazing in my garage when the pizza dude came and when i opened my garage and shit he so knew and it was jokez cuz we were jus chillin bout it so i tipped him haha.
  11. he's got control of our munchies... :rolleyes:
  12. hahahahaha i work at a pizza place and i know where all of u live muhahaha!
  13. if only those were common. :(
  14. haha that shit happens to me all the time here. what can I say? pimp pimp:D
  15. lol yep, it's a stoners dream.
  16. hhaha yesterday we were drinkin' and smokin' in a garage madse the delivery guy go down the alley to the garage thats cracked open, my friend tipped him with free vicodin shit was funny as hell, it was the hottest fucking pizza ever though
  17. I remember once I ordered a pizza.. then like 20 minutes later I got a call and he said "Hi this is __ from dominos your pizza will be there in 10 minutes" I was like...arite dude..

    i think he think i forgot
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  18. One time me and some friends ordered a pizza and 2 2 liters of coke. When the delivery guy got there I got him to agree to giving us the pops for free if I ate a worm. Needless to say we had free pop that night.

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