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Pizza Delivery

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ItalianGymSocks, May 26, 2010.

  1. Just got a job at pizza hut delivering pizzas! anything i can do to have fun while driving around all day?
  2. blaze chron. duh.
  3. smoke blunts, and yell at every pedestrian to go fuck themselves and buy some pizza hut or whatever
  4. Get high drivin around xD, then you could probably get a free pizza from pizza hut all baked
    that'd be ftw right there.
  5. Drive a hybrid :smoking:

  6. Yeah im thinkin blunt cruises with friends. does that sound good?
    And im buying these color changing to music LED tubes for my interior on the whip
  7. Dude i started runnin za for PH a while back and its the greatest smoking job! haha I smoke a bat every run (unless REALLY busy) and get to come back to munchie food as well as a paycheck, not to mention depending on your area you can make a shitload of cash. Its paid for my collection and all day everyday smoking habit haha. Lemme know what you think after a couple weeks ahah. Actually headed there now :D
  8. what is za? that made me wanna start right now! should i cruise with some friends aswell?:smoking:
  9. I work for Round table, but no delivery job :(
  10. Beg for tips :smoking:

    it'd be cool to actually set up deals in your "delivery" car .. lol
  11. Pizza
  12. I wouldn't ride with friends, they'd prob slow you down lol. Friend of mine is a pizza driver and he makes solid cash. Ends up making about $15/hr after it's all said and done. That, plus he's blazed all day when he's working.

    I'm considering doing it to make some extra cash over the summer, idk....I already have 2 well-paying jobs so not sure if it's worth it.
  13. No don't roll around with friends, gotta keep the job much time.

    Well man, lucky careful, smoke them bleezys, deliver the za, make monayyy.
  14. around here if your stoned and order pizza with a few friends you ask the pizza guy to smoke. most of the time they do =P

  15. :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
    how the heck are you gonna go on a blunt cruise when your supposed to be delivering pizzas.
    on top of that i think it might look bad if you have 3 ripped friends with you when you go back to PH every 20 min

  16. You dont even know how much i hope this happens
  17. I'm doing the same, just smoke and do your job. I don't suggest having any friends with you though. Use your tips to buy more weed too while you're already out.
  18. i can finally get some dankkkkkkkkkkk now. i'll roll with one close friend (my dealer) every once in a while
  19. #19 420Surf, May 27, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 27, 2010
    Yeah ive had many customers ask me to smoke with them and I have on many occasions, it just comes to how much time i have and how baked i am already. I remember i came back on one run and my manager knew how i high i was (i'm assuming from my suddenly lack of conversation skills and my eyes haha) and he instantly gave me some free pasta and let me go out in the parking lot and finish my blunt before sending me home haha. Alot my management team either smokes or used to and a few of them have bought some of my pieces. Take the job man, if for no other fact then that they aren't incredibly easy to come by these days. I know youll love it, before i started i smoked probably a quarter of mids a day with a little leftover sometimes but now its more like an 8th of dank. Tips are a wondrous thing and idk about where you are but here theyre never counted in to be taxed on.

    PS- Its really easy to start a very small "delivery" business inside your delivery job just have friends text you when they are in need and wait for a run in that general area or better yet just have them order something and have it delivered. Its fun to hand out the bob marley specials extra crispy ;D
  20. Don't most jobs that have you operating a vehicle have you take a piss test???

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